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  1. Yes, that one. ...and then I just read the readme and realized that I was not, in fact, supposed to click to open it. It's time for me to sleep.
  2. Okay, so this tool seems really useful! I just have one question: is there a way to change abilities? More specifically, can Run Away be outright removed from the game, or - even better - can the data for the Eevee species be changed such that it no longer gets Run Away? Edit: After becoming possibly a little bit less stupid, I've actually unpacked the ROM and taken a look. I've figured out how to edit Eevee, but I haven't the faintest clue where the data for Run Away's behavior is stored. Statsutil and the overall modding setup don't seem to display .xml files for abilities, unless it's in Scripts. That's very possible, but I have no idea how to discern which script does what. If it helps, I've found the data for Eevee's primary and secondary abilities, but I'm unsure of which is which, and where they reference. I don't see any information on abilities in your notes, although maybe I'm just blind. Any ideas? Edit again: Okay, I looked into your notes more closely, found the information on abilities in monster.md, and located Run Away. I now know that Run Away is Eevee's primary ability. This is progress. However, I'm still unable to locate the data on how abilities work. Am I just asking questions nobody knows the answers to yet?
  3. The github usage tutorial just says "make appropriate changes." This is clearly meant for people who actually have skills, which I do not - my bad. I'm trying to cut out the Run Away ability (god dammit, Eevee, I am NOT good enough to keep running after you/healing you!), but I don't know where the ability data is stored or what it would look like even if I knew where. Can you point me at somewhere that I could figure this out? Google's finding me nothing. Oh, and I checked out your Sky Rom Editor from a while ago. It just opened the command line and immediately closed. Is this because they're now trying to run on Windows 10, or what?
  4. Can this be used to change a recruited Pokemon's ability? Eevee partner having Run Away is a crime. I've seen confusing information other places, so I've come to the source.
  5. I have found something that may be relevant. This is a picture from someone's starter-edited game. [ATTACH=CONFIG]13640[/ATTACH] As you can see, the portrait *background* exists, meaning that it calls that from somewhere, but there's no actual Wooper portrait, basic or otherwise. This means one of two things: The game looks up the background first, and then the portrait for that emotion separately, superimposing them The game tries to look up the emotion portrait, fails, and uses the default as an error handler I haven't a clue which, but can anyone smarter than me tell which it is or if I'm on the wrong track entirely?
  6. Question: Has anyone figured out where the files for the Pokemon's portraits and animations/models are stored? If so, has anyone figured out what format they're in, and/or how to create a file that will follow that format? I've seen a few pictures of custom-starter PSMD runs bandied about, and I'm rather curious to see if I can resurrect my Eevee/Riolu team from Sky. If this is a stupid question, then I'm sorry, I'm rather new to the forum, and while I don't know much about the game code I'm fairly sure I could do up the portraits and the models if given a format and size to save them in for someone to input.
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