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  1. The video worked for me o: Hakun has homebrew now!
  2. Did some looking, looks like you'll need a entry point with Smashhax prior to 11.0.33 update on New3DS and the other one you need Super Mystery Dungeon (Hakun only has Gate's of inifinity RIP!) so if you have Super Mystery Dungeon you can follow this: [video=youtube;GXcbYdZim4I] But couldn't find one that doesn't use a game, got a new SD reader though if there is a way with just SD reader let me knows! Hope this helps someone.
  3. ADD me, (  ̄З ̄) if you still need help with the Machoke/Kadabra! Just send a PM to me for a good time to do the trades/evo thing.
  4. [c+_+]

    Help me

    Sorry wish there was a to help you! is confused by OP! Saw your other thread on black screening though. Read this somewhere: "not to mess with CRO editing tools in the program, you will be stuck with a black or white screen when loading or starting a new game even if you don't make any changes in that part of the program it will still modify the files if you open it and corrupt the game from working correctly unless you are patching directly into a rom or cia file." - (Google)
  5. Thanks so much for the offer! But Jackolantern already helped with the ditto :3 Sorry for the confusion i'll update original post o: As for the ninetails it's so temping cause it would be legit! I can't really tell the difference ; unless they have weird moves Like a flying pikachu! (IT EXISTS! got it in gts!) its just funny to watch ._.; she raises her arms.... then takes off like superman e.e wtf? then slams down like any flying pokemon would XDD But again I wouldnt use these in legit battles or trades c: their for me to battle friends mostly and cuase I love playing with a theme o: my one friend has a lion king theme. I just want to be all blue for the most part cause I haven't played pokemon since uh the original saphhire ; but back then I was named Blue and had mostly water pokemon and a regular Metagross <3 good times!
  6. Sure thing! I'll PM and thank you so much :3
  7. Also add my FC if you plan on getting Sun & Moon o: and I found a reddit that does requests, I just have to wait 2 weeks cause I had to make a new account, (forgets old reddit, rip) o_o; But if anyone can still help me gen me dream team still I'm editing my post so it has a easy to use format I found on reddit! again I'd really appreciate it!
  8. Oh that's what they meant then o: well that takes a lot off my mind! Thanks for clearing that up ; I honestly don't know what Global Link even is or does. If GTS and wonder trades will be fine, thats all I care about thanks again!!
  9. STATUS: COMPLETED/closed ( Jackolantern Thanks So Much! Got my dream Blue Theme'd Team and a Maxed Ditto! Also Thank You Project Pokemon! I tried all over! to everyone who offered to help you all are awesome and thanks a bunch!!!) Thanks for viewing the thread and all the offers! much appreciated! ) Hakun is Hakun! <( ̄︶ ̄)> Friend Code: 0104 - 3968 - 5055 Feel Free to Add, Battle, Trade, Whatever really
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