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  1. I think I wanna to take the less risks of my save file corrupting and go with my unhacked 3DS. Is there a tutorial on how to put the data on with PT or DR and that twlsavetool homebrew?
  2. So for a while, I've been trying to find ways to get the Member's Card and Oak's Letter Wonder Cards into my actual Platinum cartridge. I've looked into PokeGen and PokeSav and they seem to be my best bets, but from what I know and researched, the only way to put them on a physical cartridge is by using an Action Replay code which is way too long for my Action Replay DSi (I have tried to type the entire code in and it doesn't fit). I really want to get these Wonder Cards in my game but I'm becoming unsure if the methods given and the way to put them in games are only for emulated version. If that's not true, then what is the best way to put Wonder Cards onto my Platinum cart? If I'm doing something wrong or if I have the wrong AR version, then what do I do from there? Thanks.
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