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  1. For me, right now the Unova starters seem to be the only Pokémon with only two possible abilities (one regular, one hidden) that are able to be changed. Changing them to have their hidden ability (H) works fine. For Tepig, changing it to "Blaze (2)" goes back to "Blaze (1)" after but I suppose it's the same thing in the end. :smile:
  2. Bumping this to say that it's displaying abilities correctly in this latest version. :smile: But there is a slight problem with Pokémon with only two possible abilities (one regular and one hidden), such as Pansear. PKHeX changes the Pokémon's ability back to its main ability if I select its hidden ability, and even if I try to put a value of 1 in byte 0x42 of those Pokémon, it changes that to 0. So for now those Pokémon are uneditable. Changing my Dewott's ability to its hidden ability works fine, though. I'm assuming PKHeX is just confusing these other Pokémon's hidden abilities as being secondary regular abilities for those that don't have three options yet like Dewott has.
  3. I can't help you when it comes to that sort of thing but to throw my two cents, I think theSLAYER is right. Starting over might be your best option. Plus you can always rebattle gym leaders at the Battle Chateau if all you want is to battle them.
  4. Some species seem to have the wrong ability slot labels when opening my White save in PKHeX (latest posted version). From the ones I have: - Intimidate (1) Herdier w/ Scrappy (H); A Pickup (2) Lillipup is fine - Healer (1) Audino w/ Klutz (H) - (?) Venipede w/ Quick Feet (H) All caught in-game, first time extracting this unmodified save with three badges. Also while testing some .pkm files, I noticed Regenerator Ho-Oh shows Pressure instead and Sheer Force Landorus shows Sand Force [intimidate (1) when opened on a downloaded White 2 save]. These are the PPorg OT ones from here. Purely aesthetic is the number on some species hidden abilities like Multiscale (2) on Lugia, just because I'm used to the (H) marker on Gen. 6 saves. Posting because I didn't see a thread on it. If this has been fixed already, ignore me. :bidoof: EDIT: Looking on PokéGen after viewing the Venipede in PKHeX and clicking "Set" it seems that actually changed its ability from Poison Point to Quick Feet.
  5. Thanks for the fast reply. Great to hear the first one has been fixed. I'm not sure if you mean that old versions didn't tick some hidden value in the Pokémon automatically, but I personally always fill every detail when making a Pokémon in Pkhex - current handler (where applicable), memories, memory friendship, etc. I also immediately stored them into PokéBank and withdrew just in case something needed refreshing. They only had opportunity to have OT friendship increased from their base value after that. The only thing I never touch are the extra bytes since I read somewhere PKHeX automatically sets any necessary flags. I also usually check with legitimate Pokémon to make sure everything matches so I don't think it was an oversight on my part. I'll just use wonder cards from now on, that'll also save me the trouble of looking up the OT names, TIDs, SIDs, etc. Thanks again. EDIT: I just compared the same affected Diancie in both of the saves in each respective PKHeX version. In the old one when I made it, the greyed out "current handler" in the memories tab says NOV2014 even though I filled the latest handler tab normally with my own trainer. In the recent save it says my trainer's name there instead. Maybe that's what you were referring to. Just pointing it out for reference. EDIT2: Whoop! I got it now. I didn't know I had to click on the Latest Handler area, highlighting it with a green color. I just went straight for the name space. So it was an oversight on my part. Noted now.
  6. I've known PKHeX since last year and I love it even more now that it has past gen. support. Thanks. I hope you consider adding Nat. Pokédex editing for those past gens. Problem no. 1: I recently got back into this save editing stuff and I've been testing things on a Pokémon Y save I extracted using JK's SaveManager, before I actually start doing any real editing. The save reads fine, all clear on that. While testing stuff, I randomly clicked on a Talonflame I hatched in the game and tried to make it shiny. The PID changed as expected, but the Encryption Constant changed too into the exact same as the PID. Tried it with another Pokémon, same thing. Closed the program and tried to make a Pokémon from scratch without a save, same thing. I checked against two shiny Xatu I caught on Alpha Sapphire and they both had different values between their PID and EC. This only happens when I try to make a Pokémon shiny, and not when rerolling PID, or even when rerolling EC after making it shiny. I know it's normal for both values to be the same if they're from previous generations, regardless of shininess. But these are from gen. 6 and I know it didn't happen with older versions of PKHeX. I'm using the latest version dated "(08-07-16)". I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I thought I'd ask here. Problem no. 2: Back when this still had ramsav support I made one copy of each legendary for dex catalog purposes. They turned out fine. However, while scoping around this save which included all of them, PKHeX detected an issue with the OT friendship of some event Pokémon, in the memories tab. Namely, a Gen 6 event Shaymin, Diancie, Hoopa, a regular Landorus, and I even noticed it with the English Genesect event from gen 5. Shaymin has 108 OT friendship instead of 100, Landorus has 96 (from 90), Diance 72 (70), Hoopa 102 (100), and Genesect 2 (0). All of these Pokémon activate event items and I've used them briefly at times to get them. I just checked against a backup from the time I made them and they all had the correct values at the time (for both OT and latest handler). I pretty much never use the other legendaries, and I'm guessing Bank fails to set some sort of traded flag while moving them between games, so it increases friendship in the OT memory tab while still writing latest handler memory info? It doesn't happen to me with events I collected myself or Pokémon I transported from my White copy. I'm aware of the friendship evolution glitch for Banked Pokémon, and I've had it happen to me with Pokémon I caught/hatched myself and not edited. I've been speculating that there could be some connection here. But I've also recently been able to evolve in Y a Banked Buneary hatched in AS, so I don't know if it only happens sometimes, or only in AS, or how it all works for sure. But I wanted to ask if this is known/has been fixed in recent versions of PKHeX to set off a traded flag if the OT of the Pokémon being made doesn't match the save's trainer. If there even is a traded flag. If not I have no clue why this is happening and I'll probably just take the wonder card route from now on and edit IVs later. Thanks in advance for any answers on this.
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