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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help dude. If you need to, take your time getting the next patch ready.

  2. Hey stars. I was wondering if you were able to make a Pokemon XD rando for me. I would like starters, shadow pokemon, pokespots, and moves randomized. Types are the same, evolutions are the randomized (trade evos off), and make the eeveelutions shadow pokemon as well. And maybe a few legendaries would be nice. thanks
  3. I haven't heard of Luma3DS, I just have PK3DS and Ohana Also I have no clue about CFWs or anything beyond just randomizing wild encounters. So I'm a bit stupid
  4. Hi, couple questions So I want to randomize story text just like SleepyJirachi does in his LP, but I'm not sure how. I "think" I have the latest version of PK3DS (I have the one from 12/11/15) but there doesn't seem to be an option to randomize the story text. I know you can go in and manually edit it (which is what I'mm assuming most people have to do) but I'd like to completely randomize it. For those unsure of what I mean, here's a link Second, are you able to encounter megas in the wild with the normal randomize feature? Or do you have to manually edit formes? And do you have to manually edit if certain pokemon will mega evolve at a gym? Third, How do you increase the amount of moves pokemon can learn? (ie vaporeon stops learning moves at 45) I want to edit it to 65 or 70 but everytime I do, it reverts to 45? And last, are all scripted battles always the same? (ie Kyogre/Groudon @ CoO, Poochyena and Ralts etc) Thanks in advance c:
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