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  1. My bad! I read through the notes but forgot that.
  2. In pyrite colosseum a growlithe used ember on my grovyle and it wasn't super effective
  3. Oh yeah I was just asking if the physical special split is based on gen 6.
  4. How does the game choose atk vs special atk for moves?
  5. Thanks for the advice. There were also some text errors in Mt battle. Like one guy talked about his cyndaquil but didn't have one.
  6. Without spoilers, what kind of changes did you make to shadow Pokemon in the new update? Not sure what "balanced" means in the change log. do you mean like Pokemon with diff types? BTW great so far. Some bugs: Getting a huge lag on pain split Fake out briefly brings up a blue rectangle on the right side of the screen Whenever I go to purify chamber from PC, it lags, has screen glitches, and sometimes crashes Note that I'm playing with 2x res so that might cause problems.
  7. Did you change regular moves that Pokemon learn? Metang learned Thunderpunch by leveling up and I didn't think it could. EDIT: I should modify my question. It's clear that Pokemon's moves are different, as you added some Gen 6 moves (such as Beldum using Zen Headbutt). But I don't think either learns Thunderpunch even in Gen 6.
  8. Both I guess, mainly the first. I guess I don't know much about game hacking. How do you get into the internals of the code enough to be able to change it?
  9. Can AR codes be used with the patched game? Also I was a bit confused by the instructions on save files. In Dolphin should I save in the actual game or use Dolphin save states?
  10. OK so patching went fine and I got to the title screen. Will start playing later. Thanks! BTW I'm a programmer and am interested about how you created the patch...
  11. Got the ISO recently. I thought that might be the issue (I mentioned that issue in the patching process) but it ran fine by itself so I figured it was fine. But if you configured the patch file for a particular ISO config than that could be the issue. I'll try another.
  12. When I try to play the patched file in Dolphin (tried multiple versions), it crashes right after the Nintendo logo fades. Unpatched files work fine.
  13. When I try to patch with NUPS, I get this message: "The patch doesn't match the file. Patch anyway?"
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