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  1. So I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the new mechanics since I stopped playing Pokemon around 3rd or 4th gen. Do XG Pokemon have two abilities?
  2. Yeah didn't realize Ninetales and Marowak had funky types. Is that a reference to something that I don't know about? On a more general note, the game is great. Well done!! --------------------------- Zeke's Arcanine just used Wild Flare against his Zangoose.
  3. Used Earthquake and it wasn't super effective against Ninetales.
  4. Metang has 48 Attack but 56 Sp Attack. Any guess as to why that is? I doubt that the EVs happened to be that drastic... NVM, Metang's base Atk and Sp Atk are the same, so I guess it's not that unlikely.
  5. Pokemon A kills oppo's last pokemon. I had set Pokemon B to use Wild Flare on that pokemon. Rather than the battle ending, B used Wild Flare on A. ???
  6. Description for Mach punch looks like it is reflect or light screen
  7. Super unfortunate when I kill both and then basically lose an attack...
  8. 1. Opponent sends out 2 pokemon 2. I kill one pokemon 3. Rest of turn happens 4. Then they send out another pokemon I thought step #4 should happen before #3. Is that changed in XG?
  9. Haha yeah I'm attached to the wacky ones as well
  10. Is the ability determined at the time of capture or later (eg. purification)?
  11. But it will only have one, the one that is listed, right?
  12. Is there a zap cannon or thunder TM? Want to do the rain dance combo
  13. So I'm catching a lot of badass shadow pokemon near the end, but it's unfortunate because has no post-game. So I'm not going to get much gameplay out of these new ones. I know you've heard this before. I saw that you were thinking about providing hacking tools, which would be useful. Some really preliminary ones would help to make replays very different, like being able to put some shadows closer to the beginning.
  14. When I go to the room in Realgam Tower where you can enter the colo tourney, there's a glitch where the screen becomes widescreen and switches back and forth. Not sure if that's just the emulator.
  15. Is there any place with info on TM locations, etc?
  16. That worked! I could have sworn I already tried that. Thanks
  17. I've tried that as well. When I load the state and try to save, it says the save file is corrupted (original error message). Did you just save when XG prompted you at the main menu, or did you also progress in the game until you can save for the first time?
  18. No dice, it tells me there is no Pokemon XG save file in the memory card, and then says save failed. I found the AR code that Stars mentioned. However, in order to use it you first have to save in game with the AR code enabled (and then that save can be copied). However, since I can't save at all, this won't work.
  19. Yeah I could use some help on that. The error was asked by someone before: -corrupt-save-file'>https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-pokemon--corrupt-save-file It doesn't seem that any solution was posted publicly. Any thoughts?
  20. Save states will work. Can try the other method. Also:
  21. Tried to do an in-game save and it told me the memory card save file was corrupted and that the save failed. Had been working fine up til recently. I just cleared Phenac City.
  22. So I just got to phenac city and I feel a bit too OP. The Pokemon I'm going up against are typically 5ish levels below me (like at ONBS). But I've only trained a little bit at Mt battle. Will the difficulty kick up soon? Btw I'm posting a lot. If I should stop lemme know.
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