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  1. SlothBrah, what kind of phone do you have? The game runs way too slow when I try to play it on my phone, a Pixel 2 XL.
  2. Does Rain Dance allow all electric attacks to bypass accuracy check, or just Thunder? I forget how good it is on the first battle, but Tyrion's AI on the second battle (after Shadows caught) is pretty bad. I know this might be impossible to improve. He has opportunities to use super effective moves and instead uses less effective moves.
  3. The battle mechanics have been updated to the newer generations... I had the same question, was answered previously.
  4. Not sure how to catch Ho-Oh without Masterball... Strategy was to freeze it and get it at low health, but it keeps unfreezing itself with Shadow Tribute. I thought Tribute would run out after 5 uses (says 5 pp in documentation), but it isn't. Was able to catch it sleeping after a bunch of tries.
  5. Zapdos entered, Drizzle activated, used Hurricane, but it missed. Isn't it supposed to always hit in rain? Also, I'm not sure that Sand Rush is working properly... Moltres, Articuno, Tyranitar, and Flygon all entered. So weather changed from nothing to sun to hail to sand. But the turn order was Moltres, Articuno, Flygon, Tyranitar. I would think that Flygon would go first, with a doubled speed. Flygon is about 10 levels lower, but I wouldn't think there'd be that much of a gap. Also, I've been waiting a while for the final battle with Miror B. Longer than I normally have to wait for the radar to go off. Is it supposed to be like that? Another weird thing: Registeel used Curse 2 times and so is going first when Trick Room is on. But then Trick Room expires, and it still goes before Dusclops (same level). Dusclops is super slow, but its Speed stat is not less than half of Registeel's.
  6. A little strange that Octillery doesn't learn Octazooka?
  7. Some other questions/issues: Hypnosis was effective against a Dark Pokemon. IDK if that's intended. Is there a TM for Light Screen? The docu says it's in the Pyrite jail, but it's not. It's TM 46. In XD, 46 is Thief, and isn't in the game at all. Regi Bomb hits both oppos. On each hit, ATK/DEF drops for user, so they drop twice. Is this intended? My poke uses trick room. Oppo sends out poke whose trickster activates. Then I use trick room again. I would think at this point the order would be reverse speeds, but it's normal. Why is that? I may just not understand trick mechanics. My poke uses trick room. On the last turn (before it expires), my poke uses trick room. It would normally go at the beginning (super low speed), but for some reason it goes at the end. Trick room seems to only last for 4 full turns (ie. not including the turn it is used). Is that intended? I assume that in the turn it is used, the effect does not occur. My poke uses Curse a few times. I haven't really tested this, but I get the feeling that it's ATK isn't actually being boosted. I just wanted to throw that out there and see if that's a known issue. Might just be my imagination.
  8. Poison Jab and Megahorn weren't super effective against Lugia... Neither was Sludge Bomb. It's strange because Shadow Ball was super effective before. OK so it seems Ghost moves are still super effective.
  9. 1. Snorlax uses Rest 2. Next turn, Snorlax uses Sleep Talk > Curse 3. Next turn, Snorlax uses Sleep Talk > Giga Impact 4. Next turn, other Pokemon kills both oppo's Pokemon. Snorlax's turn is skipped and it stays asleep! Where can I buy/get more PP Ups?
  10. Also, Orre Colosseum is replayable, right?
  11. What are all the mega launcher compatible moves? I swear I tried to catch Kyogre in that state about 50 times. Going to try again, this time freezing it...
  12. Idk if this is intentional, but life orb deals damage even when the attack isn't successful, ie. if asleep, frozen, flinch, or lightning rod. What exactly are the mechanics of Outrage? I get that it targets randomly, but I seem to be able to choose other moves on turns 2 and 3. Is Orre Colosseum as difficult as the Mt Battle battle against Stars? Because that was a really good party, solid strategy, and seemed to have EV trained Pokemon. That would make Orre Colosseum an excellent post game. Would be good if move relearner could reteach moves the Pokemon has when you catch it but not naturally. Also, and this is just the way the ability works, but it's pretty silly that mega launcher doesn't power up hydro pump. For the life of me I can't seem to catch Kyogre. I have him down at like 3 HP, paralyzed, and Net Ball, but he escapes after the first shake.
  13. animation for Drain Punch is strange. Seems like it would make more sense for the second bit, when energy is drained, to show the pokemon that is receiving the energy. Like with giga drain, etc
  14. Not sure how to replicate this, but: 1) Charizard enters, Drought creates sunlight 2) Walrein enters in same sequence, Snow Warning creates hail 3) During turn, Venusaur uses Sunny Day, creates sunlight 4) Sunlight doesn't seem to be operative, as Charizard takes an extra turn for Solarbeam and Venusaur's Chlorophyll isn't working EDIT: Something similar happened where Wailord entered and Drizzle created rain, but this was in a turn after Charizard came out, and the second round of sunlight was effective.
  15. Seems pointless for Gengar to have Shadow Tag since the NPUs never switch out.
  16. General question. I'm having trouble incorporating later Pokemon into my party because their stats are so low because they have no EVs. How do people deal with this? Do you get a few Macho Braces? Do you go and fight weak Pokemon repeatedly to get EVs quick?
  17. Nope! With Venusaur, I was basically saving right before he drops down to fight me. I'd enter the battle, and when he sent Venusaur out, use the same fire attack. I captured Venusaur and checked, and it had Chlorophyll. Loaded save, used same fire attack, and it did the same amount of damage, so I knew it wasn't Thick Fat. Did this 10-15 times. With Salamence, I was in a battle, my Shelgon hit level 50, and I saved right before the battle ended (when the opponent was saying "I lost"). Evolved, checked, and it had Aerilate. Loaded save, battle ended, checked again. Did this 10ish times.
  18. Similarly can't seem to get Salamence to have Intimidate rather than Aerilate.
  19. Having trouble getting Venusaur with Thick Fat. Is it less likely than Chlorophyll? "Having trouble" meaning I've tried 10ish times with no luck.
  20. Seems the TM documentation is wrong. BTW should I post all of these bugs, questions, etc here? Don't want to be spammy, but also figure you want feedback.
  21. What are the mechanics for moves that hit multiple Pokemon? Before, moves like Earthquake did the full 100 to everyone, but moves like Surf divided up the power equally. Also, how does Aurora Veil work? I sent Ninetales into battle and Snow Warning started a Hailstorm, but Aurora Veil is still telling me there's no PP. And IDK if it's possible to improve the AI on this, but the AI doesn't seem to realize that Lightningrod makes it pointless to keep using electric attacks that only hit one pokemon.
  22. What are the critical hit stages? Like how do Scope Lens, Focus Energy, etc change it?
  23. Also, what's the critical hit mechanics? Probabilities and damage increase
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