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  1. Thank goodness for pkhex no offense but buying raids/pkmn is just silly no matter how you slice it. But if the hosters are getting their bread then I can't judge.
  2. Ah ok Now it makes sense, actually I'm using Ruby lol Also 1 more important notice here the hans folder doesn't have all the files necessary to boot it up in homebrew. Sadly just about very hans pack Ive downloaded from YouTube tutorials are missing the same files like the hans.3dsx, hans.smdh and hans.xml aswell
  3. I know this is probably answered somewhere here, but I'l ask anyway. Is this hack suppose to include the recolor textures of May and Brendan? b/c I opened the romf.bin but they are still in their original clothes color and not blue. I read the front page as they were mentioned to have different outfits, tho I'm not sure if that was used as a showcase or not, sounded as if they were included. I don't have any problems knowing how to import texture hacks my only defect/issue is knowing how to recolor the individual areas of the texture pic. Im abit of a noob in that area I could use some pointer
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