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  1. Sweet, hope you or someone else gets it to windows eventually couse i can't really do anything with the Mac version.
  2. How expansive will the hack tools be like does it let us straight up alter any data in the game at ease, like for example, what pokemon trainers have, are they shadow and their moves and such and also is it for Windows or are you doing it only for Mac again like the randomizer from before?
  3. Good to know. Is freeze stronger than sleep for capturing? Never really took advantage of the status because of how rare it was to freeze things in these games. Would be nice to finally see a legit status move that inflicts it in the new games or maybe it would be too broken. And my Jirachi is already purified so can't make use of that combo, at least not as effectively anymore.
  4. Done with the story and only post-game stuff left. My summary on the whole experience: Really good selection of shadows available throughout and the special/physical split really made this game more enjoyable, making more pokemon actually viable than vanilla. Liked the bigger level curve too and the shadow mons we're really deadly compared to the vanilla which is nice. They actually felt like powered up pokemon. And did you tinker with the legendary pokemons catch rates or am i just super unlucky? Mewtwo especially made me waste 40+ balls for nothing (and most of them we're ultras coupled with a few timers after like 40 turns and even then the timers didn't shake even once or at best once). I just couldn't catch it no matter how many i threw at it with low health and paralyzis. Had no trouble catching every other legendary up to this point but mewtwo just decided to say no. The only bad thing i can say i guess is the stupid as hell AI which i can't blame you for in the first place. Hopefully you can cook up some nice AI or put the Orre Colosseums AI into the main game someday so the game would actually become really strategic and challenging. Overall a really solid experience and after this there's no way i can play the vanilla ever again except for some challenge runs maybe.
  5. Oh okay, must be right after the final battle couse that's all i have left. Would be nice to access proper ev's at all times though in case someone wants to do it from the get go without having to rely on dropping of the unwanted stats with berries or something.
  6. You might wanna edit two of the duel square members pokemons. I went to EV train there and most of them have pure single ev yields for the specific stat except two. Bodybuilder Tommy has a Wartortle that gives 1 sp.defense ev and 1 defense ev instead of only sp.defense so someone with only sp.defense should replace her, for example the evolution Blastoise which gives more ev overall and only sp.defense. The second trainer is Chaser Tammy who has a Shelgon that gives defense ev's instead of attack like everyone else on her team. You can swap that with either evolution, bagon or salamence who both give attack ev's or something completely different.
  7. Guessed as much. Well it's fine either way.
  8. Any possibility to make Gyarados a dragon type similarly to Ampharos and Sceptile instead of it's flying typing? To me, it has always made more sense for it to be dragon instead of flying. Just an idea of mine, no need to change it if you'd rather keep it flying. Haven't spoiled myself if Gyarados is actually obtainable or not but even as an opponent it would be nice.
  9. Tried experimenting with another under 60 move, false swipe to see if it gets boosted but for some reason it doesn't show it at least. That one still shows 40 afterwards but i'm assuming it still gets boosted? So it doesn't show up for every single move then it seems.
  10. Oh so Technician automatically shows the amount after the boost? I actually didn't know that, it's probably that then couse quick attack is at 60 too.
  11. Found a bug with aerial ace. The move shows that it has a power of 90 on both my scyther's move list and on the re-learners list of available moves but shows only 60 when trying to teach the move through the TM itself. The move's power should be 60 right? So is this a visual bug or did you purposely or accidently make it 90 instead? EDIT: Taught the TM to a random poke and it does show 60 after all so either this is a scyther specific issue or the aerial ace learned through leveling is stronger or just visually bugged.
  12. I also had the first 3 areas already available when i went to grind there a little.
  13. Yeah just tried out NUPS and worked like a charm . Might wanna add a heads up to the patching instructions pointing out that tsukuyomi doesn't work for this particular file so people won't have these same issues.
  14. Getting this error when trying to patch the file using tsukuyomi. "To directly patch source file, a temporary file is being made. Upon successful patching, the target file will be replaced with this. Applying patch file 'D:\Pokemon hacks\\Pokemon XG v0.9b\Pokemon XG v0.9b.ups' ... Reading file 'D:\Emulaattorit\Dolphin\Games\Pokemon - Gale of Darkness.iso' ... Failed! File cannot be read. Replacing output file with temporary file ... Success! " After that, the patched file just disappears/gets removed. Any idea why this happens? Had no issues with your other ups files before like the randomizers. The only thing i can think of is that upgrading to windows 10 from 7 caused some compatibility issues which wouldn't be surprising at all knowing win 10 (i'm hoping that's not the case). If you have knowledge about this issue or if you can point me to the right direction i would appreciate that couse i've been waiting for this hack for so long. EDIT: Okay seems like it's an issue with tsukuyomi itself not the files. Tried out NUPS instead and worked like a charm.
  15. Think i had that problem once when playing through the game and pretty sure it had something to do with the memcard location path conflicting with the memcard files itself so just make sure the path and the actual memcard files are in the same location. Should fix the problem.
  16. Oh sweet, well if it's not too much to ask then could you do an all out randomiser patch that randomises absolutely everything? I've always wanted to try something crazy like that for Pokemon Colosseum.
  17. Dang , well thanks for all the effort you're putting into this tool and all the hacking anyways. I'll be on a look out for possible Windows versions from you or someone else in the future. And of course can't wait for that Gale of Darkness hack of yours. Keep up the good work:D.
  18. So how do you actually open this file on an iPad? Isn't iPad basically a mini Mac or do i have to install Mac for this to work? Don't have much experience using Mac so it's all pretty new to me. Tried to google but didn't find anything useful. Help would be appreciated .
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