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  1. It was a mew certificate on ebay awhile back. I noticed writing was off and image quality looked different compared to mine so I practically don't know if they copied someone else's number or they put in a random number. I feel bad for person who bought it. I'm going to see if I can find it again Here it is Also has anyone even seen a red written one? Like I seen multiple written like mine other other but not this Sold cheaper though
  2. Hi! Long time on update. Game still works and finally going to extract Mew but as I said the previous owner maxed it to level 100 and taught it all HM moves Please let me know NOW the updated and best way to extract save Also I'm kind of not comfortable sharing ID of Mew it's on certificate (unique numbers were given) and I already seen a fake one . I don't know if it's possible to not share it's ID number?
  3. okay the forum has changed so much since I was last on. How can I extract a Mew from my Pokemon yellow? OT:LUIGE forgot what event its from. its touched and level 100 but I bought it with its certificate on ebay so its legit
  4. Hi everyone I haven't been editing since Pokemon OR/AS and I just started with Gen 7. I'm not really updated but I would like to know if my old 3DS with firmware 9.2.0-20U can still be used for save editing. Is the save extracting/importing still the same as Gen 6?
  5. How do I extract a save on Gen 1? I want to get the Mew out before the battery dies.
  6. I have 2 different ones saved in a file on my computer. The thing is I dont know if they are legit or someone just made them on Pokesav.
  7. I got a legit Mew from someone on ebay with certificate. Is there a specific OT the event Mews have? EDIT: nevermind the Mew is from Pokemon Stadium Tour
  8. I really wish I can get my hands on a Mew certificate and cartridge with the mew sticker
  9. I think I removed it egh I'll just make a new game on my other 3DS emuNAND. I really don't want to mess up my 3DSXL again
  10. That's the thing I'm asking about. My 3DS is in 10.6 so I wanted to know if I can still access a way to EmuNAND or extract the save?
  11. To be honest I don't like how Mauville or the story was changed a lot with mega evolution. I wished the remakes could of been done before X and Y. I wouldn't mind playing with gen 5 graphics.
  12. It's been awhile since I used emuNAND in my other 3DS. So my updated 3DS can still access it? I just don't want anything deleted from this 3DS like I did on accident with formatting the SD card with Gateway.
  13. The 3ds I have pokemon yellow is the one updated to recent firmware. I haven't seen what the updates do now so I'm curious if I can still extract the save or should I just start a new game in my other 3ds? Does rxtools and savedatafiler still work after updates?
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