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  1. my O3DS got banned but outdated build(and all that i did then was export a pokemon from my OR save and import to Sun quite a bit before Bank got the SuMo/VC update. im not wanting to risk just yet my N3DS is the build that came out yesterday (1/30/2017) safe to use yet?
  2. i got hit but only from SuMo i can access eshop just fine and other games can go online. only thing i did was export my noibat from my OR save some time before the bank update went live, and had to plans to go online w/ it (i'm not much a competive player.) but i did go online in Sun.
  3. i've been manually compiling versins since just past when they fixed the "Inviso" bug which was runing saves. i havent done much sofar outside use it manually to bring over 2 pokemon over from OR(which i know wont pass legality checks till Bank is out, i dont do online competitive anyway.) However, the ingame IDNo. for trainer differs from my starter/any wild pokemon i've caught. and get boosted XP in the same manner traded pokemon Do. (aka not the OT's Pokemon). i've gone back and forth to make sure everythinsg right or if those changes are reverting after loading the game saving dumping and reopening in this build, and nothing seems to be. however i DO see Gender changes to the pokemon Do not carry over and revert Back after saving and reopening.
  4. @Metropolis much like @Metropolisi lost box details in yellow upon open. attaching untouched and "Opened" saves. Untouched: [ATTACH]13098[/ATTACH] Where boxes were lost: [ATTACH]13099[/ATTACH] they were dumped using JK's Save Manager (3DS VC's not VBA-M or any GBA/GBC Emulator)
  5. Pokemon Species:Noibat Held Item: (None) Level: 5 Ability: Infiltrator Nickname (If wanted):Irina Trainer ID (If specific): 36986 Secret ID (If specific): 20377 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: (doesnt matter one way to me) Pokéball Captured In: Pokeball EV & IV dont matter to me i'd rather train it m'self Ribbons (If any): Location/Date Met: Dosent matter Friend Code N/A (.pk6 since i cant go Online.) the Reason i'm requesting a .pk6 is more or less for 2 reasons 1: i traded in my copy of to put Down on on a Reservation at gamestop last week (i havent touched it in Months an di move donto Omega Ruby ) &2: i've mainly been playing the Romhack Rutile Ruby (leaving the save for my Omega Ruby intact as a backup) and since you cant take the Romhacks online. i cant exactly trade, but .pk6 files work just fine (i've got homebrew setup so i'm more than good to use svdt to inject it. )
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