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  1. Hi everybody ! So, my request is quite weird : I'd like to know if somebody has the Encounter Tables dump from Sun / Moon. I'd like to give a look at SOS stuff, to fix the 3DSRNGTool in the future to give accurate results since a lot of things are incorrect. I can't dump my Sun / Moon stuff atm, and we only have the USUM part. I'm asking if somebody is messing up with Pk3DS and Sun / Moon to share these datas. Thank you !
  2. PokeFinder has updated methods and everything for Gen 3/4, so nothing broken compared to RNG Reporter that we dropped any support on it. We're working on Gen 5. 3DSRNGTool has also Gen 6/7 support with squares; Take care to use 1.0.5, 1.0.4 is broken.
  3. Oh no no I only use PKHeX. The only thing i had in mind was like a "bug" or something while using some builds when we worked on Sword / Shield RNG stuff. So not something wanted in the end My best bet is just me loosing my mind by working too much haha
  4. So this never changed as excepted. Uh, it's really really weird. Maybe it's something i'd in mind or i don't know then. Wellp still issues to store everything then x_x. Thanks to both
  5. Oh i'm aware of how it works etc. No problem for that, it's pretty useful to move many pokemon from a save to another. But dang, i'm pretty sure it was a thing (maybe in settings or i don't know) and it was really amazing for my needs x_x
  6. Yep this is the actual state, i'm doing the drag method for years now (I only use PKHeX for dealing with Pokemon files tbh) but i'm pretty sure that not a long ago, doing that drag would DELETE the Pokemon from the original source. I wanted to know if it was a real thing or not because i'd really need that in fact haha. Thanks.
  7. Hi ! So first, my whole post is based on a MEMORY. So maybe i just dreamt, but i'm pretty sure it was a thing. Not a long ago, when you were using 2 PKHeX to move some Pokemon from a save to another, the Pokemon was deleted from the original save to just stay in the new save. Like a real trade. It was something really cool and useful in my case to avoid any clone fail. So today, I wanted to work on a little project, but I realized that moving a Pokemon to another save would NOT remove it from the original save like before. So, is it still possible to do that (I mean witho
  8. Hi o/ ! So my question is pretty weird. I hope i'll be able to explain it the BEST as possible. I'm doing a huge project in RNG Abuse stuff, and I want to do a little checkup on everything I have. Tired of Excel stuff, I would like to learn database stuff by messing with that. I'd like to be able to enter some basic infos about the Pokemon : - The Pokemon / Dex Number - Origin Game - PID - IVs - Nature - Gender - Ability - And a custom note for me. I'd like to know how to make this more easier for me. PKHeX relies too much on save
  9. Yep we figured it out yesterday (since I'm part of it) We were able to get it from a Shiny Raided Pokemon, the save was not necessary (we had doubt that it was linked to the save part rather than finding what we want FROM a Pokemon File) All good, we'll test stuff and tools without bruteforcing later today.
  10. Hi ! So I'm not sure if this fills here since it's really a special request. I'm part of the RNG Abuse research team, and we're working for weeks on some kind of Raid RNG Abuse. We've hit a wall, and we'd need the help of everybody for that. You can find more infos about this here. At this point, we need a save with a Shiny Raid inside. We don't care of which Shiny, if it's from a Wishing Star or not. We just need a save where we'll be able to see how Shiny raids mechanics works. We have some hints about Raids getting some Shiny Lock with PID being forced to be non-S
  11. Seems i'm not alone in the end haha, and never happened before yeah. (at least before SwSh PKHeX) After my issue was on Soul Silver, thought it could be the issue (playing in French versions)
  12. Was able to redo it again. I wanted to move a Chatot for my RNG. 1. Opened my Soul Silver and my Diamond. 2. Moved my Chatot from my Diamond save (party) to my Soul Silver save (box) 3. Saved 4. Loaded my Soul Silver = no change. 5. Loaded my Soul SIlver on PKHeX = changes are here. And the Bulbasaur earlier was done from a file.
  13. Desmume is always closed when I do Pokemon transferts, I got it to fix it by doing a pre-edit and save to check. But injecting my pk3 was buggued. I got it in the end, I'll try to reproduce this again. Thanks o/
  14. No doubt for that, I'm more than used to dealing with save stuff. It can be either the emulator or Pkhex, but i've no state, no other file. Nothing to make it like this. Gonna try on my other pc with an older pkhex / different emulator. Edit : Doing a simple edit before doing the import works. If I ONLY do the import of an older file, it's simply ignored
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