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  1. I've been going slow and steady on SuMo to not ruin the experience because Pokemon CO doesn't care about difficulty at all; so I've been really looking forward to this! Will you be having first people to send in files gets a trainer again? Hopefully this becomes my next favorite pokemon difficulty hack like Rutile did - better have a random trainer with level 1 Arons that unexpectedly almost sweeps me
  2. Is it possible to add config remembrance to the checkboxes? When you're going through and randomizing things again and you don't want certain things like "Types" for pokemon randomized and forget that the checkboxes get reset to default each time you leave that form it can be frustrating, especially if you're changing many of the settings
  3. Unhandeled exception i've experienced for a while now here too Reproduce by clicking Bias by Type on/off, in level up move editor. http://puu.sh/lwwXU/1759319b98.png
  4. I compiled PK3DS from GitHub, and with the feature I requested and at least for OR/AS (6 pokemon in important battles) all extra pokemon implemented are level 1 for all battles they are in for: http://puu.sh/lvKCA/4887f562fe.png Original pokemon with level scaling randomizer option http://puu.sh/lvKCY/1894968be4.png Additional pokemon that were added with the important battle 6 pokemon feature. Small oversight, I guess? Even with Level scaling by 50% checked they still remain level 1, and with the important 6 pokemon unchecked. basically, same result no matter what. I also figure it would defeat the point as well if you had to go back and level scale them after you randomize + level scale, as it'd scale every other pokemon up again. So, having it also include the six pokemon in a base min/max range (1-5 sounds good?) of the levels of the last pokemon on the original team would be fine on top of what's already implemented? (i.e lv.51 orginal pokemon, 53 original poke, 55 randomized poke, 54, 56, 57, 54) and so on.
  5. Is it possible to add a option to the Randomizer to add 6 pokemon to any significant battles in the game (Rival, Gym, etc) that doesn't have 6 pokemon by default? Idea of how to do it if it's possible or in the scope of the program: add pokemon by the BST of the last few pokemon in the team that it'd be the highest difficulty as the rest of the team. Also, an option to scale the levels of wild pokemon up by % if possible? Would just make things more consistent if you've also boosted trainer battles. I dumped the map images and got this for every file. http://puu.sh/ls7Tw/4bf7f9241a.png http://puu.sh/ls7UZ/52756587fc.png Map image was the same for every png dumped.
  6. My bad, and I meant just replace with equivalent strength to their original pokemon not based on anything dynamic. I didn't know what the acronym BST meant, and I probably should have asked that instead of derping. So I refered to that feature as "Equivalent strength to original pokemon" like Dabombstew's does. I've been having an issue with .code.bins with PK3DS + ORAS, but I don't know if it's just not a user error. I'm trying to repack the updates romFS + the game, randomized. the romFS repack fine with pk3ds, but placing it into hans and the game infinitely hangs before a menu comes up, but it gets through loading in HANS. I often also seem to get .code.bin's that PK3DS can never seem to load besides the first time before I have edited them, compressed, or decompressed. It always just asks to do that but never allows me to do any exefs editing even after letting it do. The ~5312kb size remains in tact, for the final file. Sometimes they don't compress back into that size either, and end up around the ~5000kb range.
  7. Is it possible to add "Attempt to use equivalent strength" pokemon to the randomize trainers options?
  8. That's all great to know, thank you! Is it possible to randomize static items found in the world?
  9. Hope this doesnt multipost: I'm not sure if the restoring portion of PK3DS works once you've exported an romfs.bin, or closed it. so what I had to do was redump my romfs, randomize, and then the options I didn't like were gone. Hope that fixes it for you.
  10. I have some suggestions for the randomizer, i'd like to throw out unless they're already in and I just derped and missed them: 1. For evolutions randomizer, is it possible to maintain that all pokemon are available? (unless it already does this without being noted) 2. For wild encounters, can it do a "catch em all" mode to make sure that all pokemon are available, as well? (unless it already does this without being noted) 3. The "Modifier options" in personal stats imo should be all off by default, except quick hatch eggs. Those other 4 can really catch you off guard until you've finally got it playing and realize you only get 5 exp per pokemon, which at least for ORAS makes the game nigh improbable to even get past Brendan's mandatory battle to advance to any battable trainers, as you'll most likely be stuck at level 5 vs his level 10. Just a QOL, I'd believe. And a question: Any plans to have a standalone Randomizer like Dabombstews, so we can throw in some quick configs; or a sub-portion of the program that hides everything but options for the randomizer? Thanks for making pk3ds.
  11. I was messing around in OWSE, and then closed it. I get an extremely long progress bar of this (10min as of right now, with only 1/4 of the bar completed): [ATTACH=CONFIG]12716[/ATTACH] I'm assuming by "set" it means save, which you said it doesn't currently do that, but I couldn't get the program to close besides forcequitting it because of "Please wait for all operations to complete first."
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