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  1. All right thanks you know which program I can use to do that? sorry for the trouble I'm learning here myself.
  2. Hi there again I tried the AR codes you put for download and tried to use them with VBA just like the ones from Morfeo, his codes worked but I tried yours and my emerald rom goes weird, the screen gets a weird texture. Is there something I'm doing wrong? thanks
  3. Thanks for all your answers and your hard work and dedication gentleman. Waiting with joy those cards.
  4. Hey guys I created my account just to thank you, because I now have more knowledge about how this games work. I have 3 questions: 1. Have you made any progress in general? 2. On the save file that was posted before I saw one thing that is impossible as it is: there is a event Ageto Celebi unmodified from japanese colosseum bonus disc, does this means that it would be posible to actually replicate the japanese Celebi event as a wonder card to use it on non-japanese versions? 3. Could you please make a save from the previous save but one that could work for wireless transfer? An idea could be to make save files that allow access to the nintendo official events by trading wonder cards instead of using Action Replay codes. That Would be awesome.
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