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  1. Hey guys, I see lot of activity here. Glad that this thread is not dead. I feel a little bit guilty that i haven't finish this but unfortunately I'm really really busy lately... The state of the tool is as you know it. The basic stuff are functional. Just need some testing to eliminate any bugs. In any case, If anyone is willing to continue with this, I can give the source code of the tool in order to continue with. Just let me know. Also i can confirm that the algorithm is the one of morfeo. It just using different initial token and different lookup table than the one he was provide. I have include those in source code as well.
  2. Hey guys, what's up? I'm really busy lately so i don't have much time to work on the tool. But don't worry. Once I find the time I'm planning to release what i have until now. Then the rest of functionality will follow on a future release. :smile:
  3. I didn't have much time lately, but i did some progress on Japanese language support. Import/Export wonder card functionality is now available for Japanese as well
  4. Hey guys, Today i have add the last 2 validations for the injection: 1. It checks if mystery gift is enabled. If not then no injection is allowed. 2. It checks if wonder card already exist. If exists then it asks for confirmation before overwrite it. I have check this both with Emerald and LeafGreen/FireRed and works OK. Next step is to add Japanese Language support...
  5. @BlackShark: Many thanks! This has save me a lot of time. I have check and i can confirm that this is the flag. After the implementation of this final validation i can consider the injection implementation as closed @BlackShark: I'm still not sure if i want to add e-reader support to the tool right now, but i will definitely keep this info to my notes for a later reference...
  6. Thanks! I will check later today the assembly code to see if i can figured out from where those flags are loaded.
  7. I need to add one more validation to my injection code which is if the mystery event is enable or not in the game. I know where the questionnaire phrase info is but it's not the correct way to do this since the user can change the phrase anytime after enabled the mystery gift... Most probably is just a flag, but i need to find the location... So does anyone know where this information is in the sav file? Any help on this is welcome
  8. Almost there guys Today I spend some time testing the tool and fixing some minor bugs. Also I worked on exception handling and error messages... Functionality implemented so far: * Design of the wonder cards. * Import/Export wonder cards. * Inject wonder cards in FireRed/LeafGreen and Emerald games. * Support of Altering Cave and Ticket Events (Aurora, Mystic and Old Sea Map). * Multi-language support (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). TO-DO: * Add Japanese Language Support * Gift Egg/Pokemon support * Trainer Battle Event support * Maybe add EON Ticket Support for Sapphire/Ruby. PS: I think i have overcome the issue with the version of the rom. The solution is simple... Instead of executing the script from the rom I have change it to run it from the ram. To do this I had to change the prefix of the addresses in the script from 8 to 2 (ex. 0x8000000 --> 0x2000000). I have test it and seems to work. Need to test it with all the versions though...
  9. I feel stupid right now... I was injecting it in Game Save A... My current Game Save was B :mad: By the way the section where you inject the script is not always the same. It changes from sav to sav. Currently i'm working with 2 different sav files. In first one is in section 0 while in second one is at section 3. The correct section can be identified by a specific byte sequence's (like the wonder cards)
  10. OK... Still nothing... When using e-reader to download the EON ticket on my sav file everything is OK, but when I'm trying to inject it manually the event is not working. Definitely something is wrong here... I'm pretty sure we are missing the flag that enables the event... E-Reader must be changing and something else for sure... PS: I'm using the same sav file on both cases.
  11. I think that is better instead of trying to puzzle everything together, just to modify the existing e-reader script and add the translations. Does anyone know if we need to inject anything else in the sav file except from the script in order to enable the event? I have transfer the EON ticket to a clean sav file using the e-reader rom, but when i'm trying to inject the script to another save manually, the event is not working... I guess i have to compare the sav files before and after the transfer of the ticket from the e-reader rom...
  12. I have check the offset you found... This is the largest chunk of code i could extract. Doesn't seem relevant though: '--------------- #org 0x1DF843 call 0x3000F28 checksound loadpointer 0x0 0x70780003 checkitem 0xB500 0x1C02 goto 0x81C5049 '--------------- #org 0x1C5049 virtualloadpointer 0xF0BEBB
  13. @BlackShark: Great find!!! I knew that this text had to be somewhere in the rom and waited to be found... Since we now have the foreign dialogs I don't think that it will be a problem to translate the english script to include them. By the way did anyone know except from the script what other data should be injected in the sav file in order to make the event available? Also maybe we can take this further by investigate the possibility to edit the EON Ticket e-Reader sav file in order to create foreign language e-reader sav files or even to create e-card binary files for each one of the languages...
  14. If we are going to use the already existing scripts from the roms, then we will need to know the version because the offsets of the scripts are different from version to version. The other option is to change the offsets to work directly from the sav file (something similar to what i did with the wish eggs). But this is a really hard and time consuming process, especially when you are doing it manually...
  15. I did some improvements today in the algorithm that detects the type of the save file (leafgreen/firered or emerald) and the section where the wonder card data will be injected (since this is not always the same). I used to have some issues with the japanese sav files in the previous version of the algorithm. I did some testing with the new algorithm on different sav files from different games and different languages... Seems to have 100% hit rate Now i need to find a way to identify the version of the rom from the sav file. I'm not sure if this is possible though... Back to research...
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