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  1. A few things. For those who are getting the Direct X error on Ohana3ds (not rebirth) but your DirectX is 10+ and .NET is 3.5+ my friends and I have had success installing this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 We're using different versions of Windows 7 64-bit but I believe it also works for Windows 8. That's a darn good Captain America Pikachu, Timeboy! Sharing this over from Kaphotics at GBAtemp.net This is the location of various resources within the 'a' folder for Pokemon X/Y http://pastebin.com/QNCz7Avh Do we have something like this for ORAS yet? I found this from Kaphotics, but it's still missing quite a bit I think. http://pastebin.com/4bg3q6FL Also has anyone had luck identifying the bones/riggings or animation files and extracting them?
  2. Was just building my own list like this for all the models. Glad I found yours before going all the way! You can find the details to some of the mystery files by attempting to open them as containers. 0001.PC can be opened as a container. -Within are .BCH files and .CGFX files. -CGFX open as textures of different effects (burn, sleep, etc) but I'm not sure. -The first .BCH file is the same as the 0002.BCH file which opens a blank in Model, but has the Star.png texture in the Texture tab. -The other .BCH files are 3d Planes whom the CGFX textures are probably slapped on in the game. They come with DummyTextures if you check their Texture tabs. -0002.BCH is explained above
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