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  1. Looks like alot of progress has been made. It makes me happy to see we will soon see Explorers of sky ROM hacks soon hopefully. Also good job with the research.
  2. Sounds interesting... Where do I sign up? Jk but seriously where is everyone in this community? I have seen some but not alot.
  3. Hi there I am Resistant Wartortle and as my name might suggest I like Half Life, and the Wartortle is my favorite pokemon, Why? Well, it just is. Anyways I just stumbled on this site after just wanting to try to find a rom hack for EoS, but it turns out there are none. So I decided even though I have absolutely no experience with hex editing, I might try to make my own rom. Why not? Well... idk. . Well even though this is a preety short introduction I hope you learned more about me than you should have and... (well how do I end this off... oh I got it). Post Stops Here
  4. I put an HEV suit on a Wartortle and Charmeleon, tis my name... [ATTACH=CONFIG]12434[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]12435[/ATTACH] I simply used the character expression faces from EoS and preety much added the suit, yep it sucks I know, what I'm not that good.
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