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  1. Thank you. So, sorry for any fault understanding of me, but look my case: My 3ds is updated with latest firmware, my 3ds is USA, same as my cartridge. So following yours instructions, I cant do the option 3*, and maybe I could do 1* or 2*, if I reset my 3ds for default firmware, right? There's some tutorial you can send me explaining this and/or what do you recommend in my case? Sorry for lots of question, I just feel a lil lost, thank you so much since now.
  2. Hello, Sorry any mistakes in my english, but I feel confuse. Can someone give me a link or explain me how to: I have powersaves, I can take my savefiles from its folder; I saw and I followed the instructions of a hispanic guy, I did all correct, but at end, he does not explain how to send the save back to powersaves; Since I decrypted the savefile and edited my pokémons on PKHex, I wonder how to send back to cartridge? It will be by powersaves or I should to use another way? Sorry, I feel confuse and I cant find an answer on his large forum. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
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