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  1. Hello. All of a sudden, my Colosseum stats won't update. When I edit a Pokemon base stat for colosseum in the Pokemon editor, then click save, it reverts back to the default value

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    2. Aurorans


      Whelp, I reverted to an earlier snapshot to fix the problem temporarily, but it is sure to come back in the case that I make the same mistake again accidentally.


      Anyway, quick question about Move editing features: Why does every move name only allow you to edit the same or less number of characters? when I wanted to change Bone Club (9 Characters) to Superstone, upon pressing enter, it would revert back to bone club. However, I believe I can rename it to any other name, as long as it's equal to or less than nine characters.

      I don't think this is 100% correct assumption though.

      Octazooka was successfully renamed to Holy Water (9 characters to 10 characters.). Holy Water is a Lugia exclusive move, akin to Sacred Fire for Ho-Oh, both dealing 180 base damage and burning (sacred fire) or freezing (holy water) the opponent.

      At other times, the move name won't rename... at all.

    3. Aurorans


      Final Bug report: Although you added support to edit Plusle, Ho-Oh, Celebi, and Pikachu, after saving your edits, it reverts back to default. This does not happen with editing Umbreon and Espeon, however, if you edited their levels, they will not change in-game.

    4. StarsMmd


      I've uploaded the latest version of the tool here: 

      I think that should solve most of the bugs. As for the inability to change the lengths of the names. Some of the text files are required to stay within a certain size limit. This means that in order to add characters to a name, you first need to remove characters from other names or other pieces of text from within the same file.

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