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  1. Hello. All of a sudden, my Colosseum stats won't update. When I edit a Pokemon base stat for colosseum in the Pokemon editor, then click save, it reverts back to the default value

    1. Aurorans


      Never mind about that, I found the issue was user error. You have to press "Enter" after entering the stat.

      Also, how do I change type effectiveness and add additional types to the game?

      In addition to this, how do I use the tool to extract textures and modify them, then import them?

    2. Aurorans


      Hey, I have a new problem. When you press the enter button after entering blank text in a pokemon's description of moves, for some odd reason, the move's description will become the next move. Keep doing this, and you'll create a huge offset for those descriptions.

      I was hoping that you have a patch that can address this issue. Or a fix for a single user. It so happens that this doesn't affect just the descriptions, but the move names as well. If you previously changed a move's name, and have this bug appear, the move's name will no longer appear in the list of attacks on the pokemon editor/trainer editor, it will just appear as blank, with no text. You can still select the move that was the original, but it will appear blank.


      Also, when saving reference data, another bug appears. You try to import the modified move in question (It now appears as what you intended), but after saving the data, the editor crashes.

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