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  1. Hello. All of a sudden, my Colosseum stats won't update. When I edit a Pokemon base stat for colosseum in the Pokemon editor, then click save, it reverts back to the default value

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    2. Aurorans


      The bugs are back again. Whenever you would try to extract or rebuild the iso with 1.0.1, the tool will crash (Tested with colosseum editor). Also, when clicking "Extract Textures", nothing happens.

    3. StarsMmd


      If you go to Documents/GoD-Tool/Logs, what do the log files say?

      Extract textures requires the .gtx or .atx texture files to be in the folder GoD-Tool/Texture Importer/textures.

    4. Aurorans


      what's an gtx or atx file and how do I dump one?

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