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  1. I'm using tinke and edited Pokemon black2 I successfully import some of mugshots but after i save it into a new rom, somehow it doesn't replace the current trainer or current mugshots. Is Tinke not saving the replaced pictures?
  2. Why this pokegen editor does not permanently stack the stats I've edited? When you edited the save file and import it on desmume then play and load the edited sav file. When you deposit the edited pokemon on the PC it returns back to normal stats
  3. Hi everyone, Is there someone here who can import sprites, mugshots, trainer cards, and other sprites of Red to PKMN Black 2 as Trainer hero? Help me. I will attach the Sprites of Red here.
  4. Hi everyone!! Can some help me or good on importing sprites for Pokemon Black v2? I have here all the mugshots, Sprites/ Xtransceiver mugshot. Hope you can help me. I can send it. I'm just a newbie here, so I don't know yet where to attach the picture. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone is there someon e here who can make black 2 play as red with all overall sprite? Trainer card/ Mugshot battle/ xtranceiver. ETC HElp me please i really want to play as red in pokemon black 2
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