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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply can you please tell me how to lock a thread?
  2. Thanks can you just please tell me if sdhc is the same size as mmc(full sizes) Thanks so much I just found a usb card reader and bookmarked it in case I need one(If sdhc isnt same size as mmc)!
  3. Hi! Just wondering if I could fit a full SDHC card into a SDMMC slot into my pc because I need a full SDHC for my 3ds!I'm trying to use the pokehex injecting thing but before I get my sdhc card I need to know if I need some sort of adapter(Can't find one on the internet) or will I just slot the sdhc card into the slot and it will work? Please tell me if I need an adapter or reader that lets me connect it into the pc!Or if I just can fit the sdhc in the mmc slot and it will work!
  4. Ok... Damn! I can't reencrypt it? (Just read it) But I take my hat off to you. Thank you for this tool and I'm looking forward to (possibly) a reencrypter!
  5. I'm trying to use this program to decrypt my bin backup and then put it back on my 3ds but my norton shows up and says you're a virus? Explanation pls? And how to run it without norton scanning it.....
  6. Powersaves backup files are encrypted .bin files located in C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Powersaves3DS. You can decrypt them with... http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?44175-Pokemon-Gen-VI-Save-Decrypter It turns the file into a decrypted one that PKHex can read and edit. You export it as a main file, but can only be read via Gateway firmware and SaveDataFiler. Unless you have a JP console and games, where CyberSave is the option over Powersaves. Main files can't be turned into Powersaves encrypted backup files, as far as I know. Basically, it's one way. Tks for reply!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Before I get powersaves I have one question: (Maybe Not One Actually) 1st question:If I backup my game to powersaves what save files will it be? Will it be a main file (you know: those files called main?)?[/u][/u] MAIN: Can I get my main file I downloaded off the internet and and use that backup? (About 1st question) YES: * (About MAIN section) NO: Go to the no section of BIN/OTHER. (About the MAIN section) BIN/OTHER: Can I turn that main file into a bin or the save file I need? (About 1st Question) NO: Can I get my backup(no hacked) onto the computer atleast and edit it then export the backup to my 3ds? (About BIN/OTHER) YES:*(About BIN/OTHER) YES: * (About answering NO to BIN/OTHER) NO:I'll just use the codes. (About answering NO to BIN/OTHER) * Means Post in the comments how to do it.
  8. I accidentally called myself Su[eriorHacker instead of SuperiorHacker so I want my name to be SuperiorHacker. Thanks in advance!
  9. I accidentally called myself Su[eriorHacker instead of SuperiorHacker and I want to change my name! How do I do it?(I'm new) If I need to contact an admin tell me.
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