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  1. Wow this hack really looks interesting! I got just some questions: 1) Does the edited Wild Pokemon work so we can catch all of the 720 Pokemon currently available as of 6th Gen? Sort of like a Emu Edition to avoid having to trade for the ones not available in one of the two versions. 2) Let's say I want some of the features but not all of them. i.e. if I only want the Wild Pokemon and Evolutions edit, which files should I replace? I know 0/1/2 is for wild encounters in Pokemon X/Y but I'm not sure about Pokemon ORAS, same for the Evolution edit. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me the files for those two, since I want to be able to run a Vanilla playthrough of the game with only hacked wild pokemon and evolutions to be able to catch whatever Pokemon I want in the wild and evolve them without resorting to trading. Thanks in advance! PS: Does the Evolutions mod change Mega Evolutions (and also add the Hoopa item too)?
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