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  1. So I have an old ramsav.bin file from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I wanted to open it in the latest version of PkHex to save all the pokemon to .pkm files so I could move them to Pokemon Sun or Moon version or even my new copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire since I lost my old Alpha Sapphire cartridge, but PkHex no longer opens the file... Does it no longer support .bin files? Thank you. (Never mind, figured out how to fix it. Just replaced the never version of PkHex with an older version temporarily. Then it can open ramsav.bin).
  2. Hi Kaphotics, I had a few questions. Is it possible to make a way to get the National Pokedex at the beginning of the game? Would it be possible to make the catch rate for all Pokemon to 255 so they're easy to catch for Nuzlocke runs? Thank you very much.
  3. The only question I'm really concerned about is, will ram2save still work with the 1.4 patch?
  4. Thank you, randomizing by BST worked but it set all the Trainers Levels to Level 1 or even 0. I guess I'll just fix it manually. EDIT: Never mind, was looking at the wrong thing. Sorry. Thanks for this amazing tool Kaphotics! I've noticed that when battling certain Trainers, the game freezes. For example, rich boy Winston was randomized to a Pokemon Trainer with no sprite so that battle freezes. Also, before Slateport, I ran into May and I can't progress in the game because when the battle with her begins the screen turns black and freezes.
  5. Thank you very much for making this too, Kaphotics! Just a question, would it be possible to add a function to have trainers to have Pokemon in the same evolutionary stages as the ones you're using? Because I just started a randomized Sapphire run and every trainer so far has had final stage evolutions like Salamence, Togekiss, Pyroar and Dragonite, making it pretty difficult.
  6. I'm running Gateway 3DS version 3.3 with a rebuilt, randomized Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon X roms. My system is 9.2.0-20U SysNAND and it is an old 3DS. I randomized wild Pokemon and Trainers on both roms using Kaphotics pk3ds and then rebuilt them following all the steps in Asia81's tutorial. Both roms had all update patches removed before they were decrypted. The problem is that whenever I try to load the roms, I get either a blank screen and the 3DS freezes, or the Nintendo Logo loads and then the screen goes black and a notice appears telling me to contact Nintendo Support and to turn off the power. By checking around in the forums, I gathered that it could be because the roms were badly rebuilt but I'm not sure how to fix that. Any help would be much appreciated. The roms were rebuilt using the pre-built romfs, exefs, and exheader generated when they were decrypted. This gives the notice telling me to contact Nintendo support. I also tried rebuilding them again with 3DS builder using the modified romfs and exe files created after using pk3ds but this gives me a blank screen and the 3DS freezes. I asked on gbatemp and the answer was that I needed to use patched roms to build the files or else they would freeze. It worked!
  7. I tested it with the legendary Pokemon Mew and the others and they all hatched from their eggs at Lv. 100.
  8. This hack sounds amazing, and with 18 gyms I would definitely expect more Pokemon, maybe not a full 721 but more than 386. I for one am still interested in Gen III mods and there's still a lot of Gen III activity on Pokecommunity. I love the idea of gradually increasing difficulty instead of making the game rage-inducing hard right off the bat. Making team rocket actually threatening is also awesome, and I'd certainly like the ability to join TR as a possible mod although if that's too much trouble it's fine. These are just my thoughts. Thank you!
  9. I followed all the steps, but after I ran pcin.bin and it crashed back to the main menu, I went into my game and found that every single box was filled with bad eggs! I am using Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and my firmware is 9.2 on a Nintendo 3DS XL. Thank you very much. Never mind, figured out the problem. I exported the RamSave by accident.
  10. I must admit, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if my game file was not supported, but I found a workaround. I am using a Nintendo 3DS XL with update 9.2 When I export my save file as ramsave.bin, and try to run the program, nothing happens and my edits do not appear. However, if I delete my original ramsav.bin file and rename the exported file ramsav.bin, and then go to to http://bit.ly/1Caycho to run rsavin.bin, it works. It's odd, but at least it works! Thank you for making this tool!
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