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  1. Unsure if I'll get an answer to this, but is there a list of each Pokemon's learnset? I love this hack but would love to be able to scout out what moves certain Pokemon learn in the event I decide to use them for a playthrough
  2. I'm sure this has been asked before, but... I'd love to play this on actual hardware, specifically my Wii. Is there a way to launch this through USB Loader GX/Nintendont? edit: wound up answering my own question. Turns out, yea it can be launched through USB Loader with Nintendont
  3. honestly probably a dumb request but I must have typo'd when entering my name years ago and well... would like the K at the end changed to a L, thanks in advance
  4. Would you recommend me going through with it, and if so, where would I find the data of another mon to overwrite?
  5. okay so I'm fairly new to using this thing, is there a tutorial somewhere that explains how to use each part of it? I've been trying to edit Mega Evolutions and I can't figure it out for the life of me. For example, trying to give Milotic a Mega Evolution using the Prism Scale as the item, but I read that only Pokemon with two forms can be made to Mega Evolve, but I can't figure out how to say swap the Pokemon for Milotic furthermore is there just a complete guide on what I would need to make a custom romhack anywhere? Most stuff I've found seems outdated and I'm not sure what kinds of things I would need (i.e. HANS, Ohana, etc)
  6. Nope, still no dice. Thanks anyway, though. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong though. My firmware is correct, I followed every step correctly. Is it because I'm not using a Japanese 3DS? The video I watched(not the one linked) had the guy using an American 3DS, and it worked fine. Even the Hoopa doesn't work.
  7. Someone help? So I downloaded the Hoopa, did everything correctly, yet the Pokemon doesn't appear in slot 1 of Box 1.
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