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  1. I have a pretty simple (probably stupid) question which I've been unable to find the answer to thus far. If I randomly generated two numbers from 0 to 65535, would they always work as a legal ID/SID pair? Could any combination of two numbers between 0 and 65535 be legit? I've been making some G3 Pokémon in PKHeX recently, and I randomly generated numbers for the ID and SID of their OTs. But I'm worried that, since I don't know what the RNG process is for those numbers in the actual games, the pairs I've generated might not actually be possible in-game. If need be, I'd be fine using ROMs of the games to get for-sure legit IDs and SIDs. But I'd prefer not to, if it's not necessary.
  2. Cyborg

    help mega pokemon

    I don't think anything happens. They'll be in their mega forms until you use them in a battle, at which point they'll revert back to normal.
  3. It's not working with XY for me, but it's doing fine with ORAS... It won't create the save file when I try to run the extractor on Y.
  4. The files downloaded from Pastebin as .c.c, do I simply change them to .bin manually?
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