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  1. I do. I have those pokemon that I breed and train. I want the legendaries for my pokedex, and how does it say I'm bad at the game if I give regular (random) IVs, no EVs, and start at lvl 1? I don't understand your thought process. I still have to do all that EV training. You did, in a roundabout way, answer my question. I guess. So...thanks?
  2. I want to use pokegen to get all the super rare and legendary pokemon I have no other way of obtaining. My plan is to start them at lvl 1 with realistic IVs, no EVs, and their actual starting moves. Is this acceptable conduct for competitive play? No official nintendo events or anything, just with friends and maybe on random matches.
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    My names Mike, and I just got me a pokemon black version, after not playing pokemon since original gold/silver. And honestly, I didn't even finish them. Got back into it because I transferred back to IL from my job in CO and lo and behold there's a group of people who love to battle/trade. So I'm back! The whole reason I stopped playing in the first place was because I didn't have anybody to battle/trade with, so its been pretty fun so far.
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