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  1. cause... its freaking teleporting BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!
  2. When I saw "Mega XP" I just brushed it off as one of those crap ones. And I did find another one that works where you can edit how much XP a pokemon has (After battle) that works basically the same / well. (So you can just manually set it to 100) and tbh both are the same thing basically so it doesnt matter. +1 Vote on fly anywhere (I think he means fly FROM anywhere, Like in caves / buildings) And im pretty sure pokesav has a "teleporter" but wouldnt it be cool to have the pokemon move "teleport work anywhere AND teleport you to various places? like: Enter map # on calc, hit start Enter coordinates , hit select Teleport Or just seprate codes that make teleport / fly take you places, without having to reload game. Instant spear pillar / Twinleaf / inside any random building / teleport past trainers or an obstacle Just a thought that would be fun / awesome Me personally I want: Action replay works on DSi Will AR ever realease an update that will let it work on it? (if they crack the code that prevents it)
  3. I was meaning faster then that (instant), but I actually did find an even faster way, someone on pojo forums (not sure about this sites friendship with them) Made an exp modifier, so im good.
  4. I vote for Nature mod Ability Mod IV mod EV mod (we kind of have) [s]Some faster way to get a pokemon to 100[/s]
  5. Not sure about it freezing before entering the game but it could be freezing because of the sheer amount of data thats being created.
  6. After trying (and failing) I finally come to my last resort. I tried to do a Japanese wonder card found on the pokemon database, but I seem to not be able to use Japanese on my pokesav, and while i can see the wonder card on the mystery gift screen (with all ?'s), there's is no guy in the green hat to talk to to receive it. So what im asking is for someone to make me an AR code real quick for a Tanabanta Jirachi (either this years or last years). Also i assume the nature / ivs are random when you pick it up? Thanks!
  7. [s]1. EV check[/s] <----[color=Lime]Check Official Code Thread[/color] 2. Ability Modifier - Huge want - Along with more pokemon modifier codes. 3. Rare candy increases more then one level / instant level 100 (yes, current method is too slow for me) Thanks
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