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  1. pokemon lab 2 gen starter and pokemon center online pikachu(surf/fly pikachu) pokemon lab 2 gen starter can't read text on WC editer like 1gen starter
  2. KOR Mew [ATTACH]12935[/ATTACH] 맑고 깨끗한 마음과 꼭 만나고 싶다는 간절함이 있으면 모습을 나타내는 환상의 포켓몬 뮤를 선물합니다!
  3. ORAS, XY both PGL Pikachu Kor. Male. IV is HP 25, other random1510 - 배틀하자! 피카츄 대회츄~!.zip 108 - たなばたまつり2015 Jirachi.zip
  4. Max Soft Shiny Rayquaza event http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Japanese_region_serial_code_event_Pok%C3%A9mon_distributions_in_Generation_VI#Maxsoft_Rayquaza 90 - A special shiny Rayquaza!(JPN).zip
  5. HK Kangaskhan (redeemed from JPN 3DS) 89 - Getting Kangaskhan in spring!.zip
  6. Pokemon: 직구리(Linoone) Level: 50 OT: WCSK15 ID: 03055 Ability: (maybe) Pickup or Gluttony Nature: Random Held item: Focus Sash Ribbon: Event Ribbon Ball: Cherish Ball Met: a lovely place Moves: Helping Hand Extreme Speed Baby-Doll Eyes Protect source: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/?inc=news-news_view&IDX=10382&page=1
  7. Icicle Plate 81 - アルセウス プレゼント.zip
  8. Pokémon Center Tokyo Piplup, Froakie .pk6 Pokemon center Tokyo Piplup, Froakie.zip
  9. I got these events pk6. file through trade other users birthday events second distribution pk6.zip
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