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  1. Title. Not like a game breaking bug or anything but I have two Hippopotas (the left one is male, the other is female) and there's some weird thing layered on the sprite of the female one. Anyone knows what it is?
  2. Next few days I'll update this package. Yeah perhaps I'll update this only once per year, since searching the newer version of the tools take me lots of time to search every single one
  3. It's been a year since I last online some updates for the tools
  4. I'm kinda lazy to search and update all of these tools up-to-date regularly. If anyone finds there's a newer version for any of those tools above, I'd be very appriciate
  5. I don't know. It works beautifully for me. can you tell the problem in depth?
  6. Really sorry. I edited the link. I don't know why I wasn't able to attach the file, so I have to use a different host
  7. A collection of useful Pokemon related tools. Please feel free to PM me or reply below if I missed any tools or any of them being outdated. All of each should consist of a notepad for explaination. And the creators. *Special thanks to all of the creator of those tools * DOWNLOAD LINK IS HERE. Here's the tool list: + Pokemon Editing Related Tools: - A-Save Editor v1.27 (Gen III) - Legality Checker (Gen IV + HGSS) - Metropolis Editor v4.2 - Mystery Gift Editor DPPtHGSS (v1.42) - Overload Editor - PikaSav v0.4 RC2 - PKHeX Gen VI (4-4-2015) - pk3DS (7-12-2015) - PokeGen v3.1.13 -
  8. I wonder if someone can explain me what 'RAM' is? I've been searching on Google but got no result at all...
  9. Do this program support generating PID for gen V?
  10. Thanks for your sharing
  11. It don't work on Windows 8. Keeps receiving the message that there is a missing .dll
  12. I know some C++ but not talent enough to go through the whole progress to make it work on B2W2 (at least I don't know much about ROM and RAM, hex editing...) ... A portable pokegen run on NDS always awesome... Oh @Chase-san can you share me the source code of this program/ I'd like to try
  13. Ow man this is bad. I think my file kinda corrupted or something. Anyone can help me?
  14. I resaved in game already. Open up pokegen and the problem is still there
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