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  1. can anyone tell me how to hack the soaring encounter pokemon? ... i can't seem to edit them in pk3ds
  2. where is the magnet train and protagonist cut scene overworld? narc file? can anyone please tell me?
  3. im trying to hack the male hero flying overworld in MKDS Course Modifier.... and every time i import one overworld the colors gets messed up for the others ... is there another program i can use?
  4. whoever created pkhex needs to fix Butterfree giga drain illegal flag it says its from xy and it can be transferred to learn that move theres a lot that needs fixing
  5. well that didn't work well the box flags has nothing to do with it
  6. @ Contributor where do i find the offset to that?
  7. the other problem is that the pokenav exclusive pokemon are not spawning Here's the original New Bitmap Image (5).bmp
  8. no i dident change anything i just put what i saw there lol.... very helpful! thanks
  9. i just copied what you showed the offset 00015000 i changed all of that line
  10. what do i change the 01 or C1 to? nevermind it worked! thanks alot!
  11. from what im seeing there is no offset "0001 5004"...... im using HxD
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