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  1. I got, funny enough, a pachirsu in a cherish ball to see what would happen, gonna try to put it on the gts to check if it would say that the pokemon an event one is if so, then I won't breed one any more, if not, then I'm trying to breed more. Hoopa can't be traded even with moves, I had some without moves and some with moves and it didn't work, I also tried to trade mew, but it said it was not legit awful enough. I tried to trade a bunch of shiny legends, which are shiny locked, but it didn't work either
  2. I've just been in luck, I got sysnand 9.5.0-22E and not higher, so i can still use it, no matter what.
  3. Thanks for your clear answer, are there more tools/browser injections for gen 6 of which I don't know anything about? I know about the qr codes, the wondercards right now, ram2sav, pkhex and pcedit.
  4. Got an e-mail with ip address, my password was weak but they never got in. They are from Colombia and the city Bogotá. It was sent on 25 March
  5. Hello, I wanted to know how the flag data works. I am all new to this stuff and love that it is all made possible, keep up the great work devs. I will keep using the old firmware, my charger is broken now, tomorrow I get a replacement, but that's all off topic. So how does this flag data work and can I enable keyitems, if I don't have the progress yet? Also I don't know how the wondercards work, I got diancie only, but that one was legit. Thanks in advance, pokemonfan
  6. I love these games. I started playing on my just updated r4 sdhc on my nds lite. It's looking amazing! Btw any vanilla pre patch? I wanna trade with regular black. I got a chromebook.
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