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  1. It also doesn't seem to me that CGSE is blocking anything of me. I just testwise read and wrote my savegame over the last 3 days multiple times hence and forth. No issues whatsoever. If VPNs don't help, maybe they detect the operating system language? My system is set to Japanese locale (while being a German copy of Windows 8.1) simply because I often play JRPG indie games.
  2. Actually the encryption is not the real problem. Once you have your own xorpad you can decrypt savegames and work with them. The more crucial part is the signature. Every savegame has a signature which is created after writing it. The correct key to create valid signatures is in your 3DS and it cannot be easily read out of it (so you cannot just hack a 3DS and ask it for that signature key). In simple man terms: Imagine the signature on a sheet of paper and the key is the handwriting - and the handwriting cannot be easily copied. When you inject a properly encrypted savegame but with a broken signature on a cartridge the savegame will show up as corrupt. I guess I can safely say that for Pokémon X and Y the encryption is essentially broken.
  3. First of all.. thanks for all the steps.. I did the entire procedure twice and it seems it is working fine, PKHex is able to open the savegame. Other than that: great work to all savegame hackers, you guys are truly amazing folks! So I can confirm this works! To be very frank. Datel used to support the homebrew community on the Gamecube and such by creating homebrew loaders using SD card adapters.. in their hearts I imagine many of the folks there would probably love to help us but after the Diancie debacle where they had to remove everything else unreleased (Latiosnite and such) - I imagine they decided to tighten up things on their side to ensure they can continue selling their adapters - and that included securing their structures. In the end: Datel is a company, they want to make money: if people were to buy PowerSaves adapters to hack their games, while this wouldn't harm their business model, it would certainly harm their model if Nintendo strikes against them for DMCA stuff.
  4. Yes, I tried it too myself.. the trick works. You can already view your pokémon in PKHex that way. The only way to fully decrypt it is - as it's been often said - using a hacked 3DS. Actually what I was wondering.. as PowerSaves can use 3DS to decrypt existing savegames and determine their xorpads - are people here able to determine the xorpads of savegames of other people (I would happily pay a little amount to get my xorpad revealed). Otherwise: seeing how rednand might be released in the near future I assume hacking a 7.x 3DS isn't so far out of nowhere in the future. It depends if their method allows extracting savegames though.
  5. I was reading up on this myself earlier this morning and obviously it sounds promising. THere are already tests to check if your server is affected by the bug - for example on http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/ - what they do there: they inject a message into the TLS handshake and check if that message is being returned. Nicely enough servers I manage at work for clients were affected so I had to upgrade OpenSSL on many of them in the last hour. Most webpages I randomly checked seem to be already fixed (or they used old OpenSSL versions to begin with which aren't affected).
  6. It's actually interesting to see that progress is coming along so well.. for the xorpads.. I've been thinking.. I know that people who have a digitial copy get a new xorpad if they reset their save (or reset the game? Not really sure). What I wonder: as Datel seems to use modified 3DS, am I correct that they probably have figured how the xorpad works? Maybe there's only a limited amount of possible xorpad combinations.. I'd happily provide 2 savegames of X to help out identify the available xorpads. Or has anyone by now figured a system how the xorpad is being generated?
  7. Well, I haven't exactly tried this.. but I can tell you what I already tried to do in Pokémon X: -I went to the battle maison and cheated a 100 win streak just by always keeping a backup. So that works. -I deleted my own game (after saving everything to Pokébank for safety) to give my game to a friend. When he returned I restored my game --> it worked. So it is safe to do just make at least 2 copies for safe-keeping. Sometimes backups fail, I noticed during my battle maison attempts - one savegame did NOT restore and left the game in an unusable state. (it wouldn't even boot up)
  8. Connect the Datel Powersaves device to your USB - then press Windows-R (Windows key and R) - the "Run" screen should open. Type in "devmgmt.msc" to open the Windows device management. Does it show any "unknown device"? If so: if you unplug the Datel Powersaves Adapter - would that unknown device disappear. In that case you haven't installed the driver properly. If you don't see any unknown device - is the Datel Powersaves device properly listed among other devices? It should be listed as a "Human Interface Device" with no other data.. just.. when you remove it.. the hardware item gets removed and added back in.
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