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  1. Your pokémon has resided in Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, then the US again according to PKHex. That's a lot of residences in such a short amount of time, and shouldn't at least one of them be Japan? Are you sure your source is trustworthy Shiny Jirachi? Otherwise, nice catch!

    It's dubious, but not illegal. If a pokemon is traded 5 times to non-JP locations in a row before the pk6 is extracted, Japan won't show up.

  2. Hi, sadly is not working for me, i have 3dsXL 9.5.0-22U (American 3ds), the injector or the QR don't work, when the exploit is executed show the green screen, crash the browser, but nothing happens in the game.

    (the RAMsav for oras works fine on my 3ds)

    This doesn't make any sense. It only turns green if it worked.

    Are you running the exploit while A. In-game and B. Not at the shop?

  3. This requires you use a 3ds on system nand 9.0-9.5. You CANNOT use any other firmware, nor a new nintendo 3ds, nor a 3ds on 9.x emunand.

    This is not tested on non-American systems, but should work. Try it out and let me know!

    If it isn't working, please clear your browser history and cookies and try again.

    This is a method based off of Yifan Lu's spider3DSTools (https://github.com/yifanlu/Spider3DSTools) to make everything in Pokemon Shuffle's shop cost zero jewels.




    1. Copy shuffleshop.bin onto your 9.X 3DS (or XL or 2DS) (no emunand/no new 3ds(the one with the C-stick)) SD card.

    2. Open Pokemon Shuffle and get in-game. You should be at stage select.

    3. Hit the home menu and go to the browser.

    4. Go to http://bit.ly/1Grittg to run shuffleshop.bin.

    5. Wait for it the crash back to the home menu.

    6. Go back into Pokemon Shuffle and check the shop -- everything should be free.

    Source Code:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    > What's the root directory? The Root directory of your SD card is the base folder. C: \ is the root of the C Drive, etc.

    > What is emunand? Am I on Sysnand or Emunand? If you have to ask this question and/or don't know what either of those words mean, you are on Sysnand and this will work.

    > The exploit isn't working! When I run it, nothing happens! Clear your 3ds browser's cache/cookies. Scroll down to the bottom of settings and hit "Initialize Save Data", then try again.

    > What does this work on? This works on 2ds, Old 3ds and old 3ds XL firmwares 9.0-9.5.

    > When do I trigger this? Load the website in the 3ds browser AFTER opening the game and making sure you are at the stage select screen.

    Download: here.

  4. Whenever I try running rsavout.bin with my Alpha Sapphire cart, it generates a ramsav.bin file with 0 bytes. Therefore, PKHeX can't open it.

    Am I doing something wrong? I already tried deleting browser history and cookies.

    EDIT: I even tried "initalize save data" at the browser, but nothing. Still the same error.

    Is your SD card write protected? There's a physical switch on the side of the card.

  5. Amazing. So much progress in so little time you have made, Scires. So, do these two programs basically do the same decrypt/re-encrypt that Powersaves does? And, while your hard work is much appreciated, what really sets this apart from injecting one box at a time? I get that I will be able to insert all my desired pokemon in at once but...will PKHeX ever be able to edit save info other than boxes/ribbons/memories, etc. ?

    No, this just dumps the savedata from the RAM of the open game, heh. I should look into decryption, though.

    PKHeX can edit any documented aspect of the save with this. Trainer information, Pokedex, Secret Base, Hall of Fame -- it's all editable.

  6. Seems a little wonky when it comes to X/Y, or at least just Y.....nothing shows up in my party or my boxes when I load up ramsav.bin, and I`m certain I`ve caught a few Pokemon already, and trying to access the trainer info thing gives me this error: http://imgur.com/o56o7fO

    Should I just try again?

    Have you fully updated pkhex?

    Actually, don't post your ramsav.bin because you shouldn't share your save file, probably. PM it to me?

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