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  1. Hm. I tried this earlier as I saw the code on Reddit. It doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I'm trying a different pkhex file this time. They said renaming the file didn't work, so I made a new one just to mess around with, and saved it as "All Files - pokemon.ekx" right from the start. I have the unzipped bin file and the pkhex file in the SD card, but nothing appears in my box.

    Screenshot of your SD card's contents?

    After running the exploit, do you have an "injectiondebug.bin" file on your SD card? If so, send that to me?

  2. I have done everything that has been mentioned in the tutorial, saved the pokemon under 'All Files' with an extension of '.ekx', and cleared all the save data from the browser!

    Still nothing is happening. It just loads the loadcode page and nothing else happens!

    Please help! I'm on the New 3DS XL - 9.4.0-21E

    Here's a screenshot of my SD Card! -> http://gyazo.com/82eb8886081e1fef3d6e30a9a8263a62

    It cannot be done on a New 3DS. The exploit is old 3DS/XL/2DS only.

  3. Ok so, I do not have Gateway, I need a way to look up my SID, and all I have are powersaves backups. Any way I can decrypt one of those enough so that I can look up my SID?

    Post your injectiondebug.bin

    I didn't mention it in the post, but injectiondebug.bin is just a copy of the first 0x10000 bytes of your boxes if all goes well, so if you have any pokemon of yours in box 1 I can rip the SID out of that.

  4. appears "Failed to load part of this page" then the browse crashes. After this, the message that i have to save files and reboot the system. I think is the same thing that appears on your video.

    After that message appears, you still don't have an injectiondebug.bin on your SD card?

    Are you sure you've cleared your 3ds's browser history and cookies properly with the game closed?

  5. It isn't working for me either. I've tried it on two different 3DS', one on 9.2 and the other on 9.4, and with several different versions: digital X, digital Y, physical Y, and physical OR. I keep receiving Bad Eggs. I have saved the .ek6 file into the SD card directly and changed it to .ekx and I've deleted the history and cookies from the web browser before every attempt, yet I still get a bad egg. I have code.bin in the root of the SD card, as well as the PkHex file.

    If you are getting bad eggs, the exploit is working but your pokemon.ekx is not properly saved. Make sure you are renaming a .ek6 file and not a .pk6.


  6. Don't work for me :

    Tested with 2ds firmware 9.2E and pokemon X cartbridge

    I put code.bin and pokemon.ekx in the root of sd card do same thing in your video and nothing happen. The browser internet make same error but nothing. I have clear my history and cookies browser.

    Also i have the last gateway ultra launcher.dat to the root of the sd card maybe conflict, i try in emunand but nothing to :(

    It doesn't work in emunand.

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