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  1. 2 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

    By that logic they would require a game update if they decided to make a QR for something else.  You would think they would just not read the species field whatsoever too.

    You don't understand the memekey system -- they have an RSA private key with the singular purpose of signing the magearna codes.


    The codepath taken depends on the memekey index, found after the POKE magic -- in this case, index 9 is reserved for I choose you cap pikachu (it was a reserved, error path in Sun/Moon).


    Also, the species field gets used to decide what to display in the scan window, so they have to overwrite it.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

    That explains why I haven't seen it. Ok cool.

    EDIT: Are the first 4 bytes IVs? 1 guaranteed?

    No. They're game ID bitmasks, among other things. First byte FF = Sun, Moon, US, UM -- FC = US, UM.


    Also if it's like the magearna event the pikachu species and forms will get overridden by the game's parsing code regardless of what's in the QR anyway >.> 


    (Magearna QR codepath does if (species != magearna) { species = magearna; })


    Last 8 bytes are SHA1(first 0x58) but that's standard memecrypto.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Got_Eevees said:


    I haven't looked into that yet because I don't have a hacked Ds.

    But you are saying that it's possible then to inject custom skins,no?

    Or is that not what you implied?

    Also, I meant that perhaps we could rewrite some code and then compile it using a compiler to create a method of injecting custom skins for everyone.


    I am pretty sure it's possible.


    Also..."compile it using a compiler" -- this is....pretty irrelevant to the process of making a tool. The compiler is literally an afterthought, as is the IDE used to write it. The code itself is all that you should really consider.


    (And PKHeX already has C-Gear code, I think, as I said.)

  4. 40 minutes ago, Got_Eevees said:


    So now that we have emulators and newer,better tools do you think we could probably write a new program using an IDE such as Code Blocks?


    Pretty sure PKHeX supports C-Gear stuff nowadays, doesn't it?


    (Also, not sure why the IDE matters, or why we'd not just use VS..)

  5. To be honest:

    With Rhydon, I explicitly did not support Gen I saves that had been modified via the use of glitches/out-of-bounds IDs. I do not think PKHeX should make any attempt to defend against user-corrupted saves in the specific case of Gen I/II (Gen VI/VII are a different story, of course). If using arbitrary code execution will cause errors like this, I don't think PKHeX has any obligation to resolve those errors -- the user can use arbitrary code execution to unscrew their save first.

  6. Old Diamond and Pearl saves were exported using FBI and TWLSaveTool, then deleted on the cartridges to make a new one.

    I think it might have to do with progress, as the old files at least had one badge (D with 2, P completed), while the new ones had just gotten starters.

    I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, but if someone could tell me what is wrong that would be great.

    New save files are largely uninitialized -- PKHeX can't recognize them because of that.

    PKHeX can only recognize save files that have been saved at least twice (ideally with the system being powered down between saves, though we're unsure if that's necessary).

  7. Will do.


    I noticed that the save file is 33 KB which could be the problem.

    By the way, sorry I was pressuring you to hurry up with Gen II support when you were busy on Rhydon. That was really rude of me.

    ...Not sure why you were editing a completely fresh save of Crystal with the MC named "GOLD", but support has been pushed to the master branch of PKHeX.

    Was, as I expected, a save file size issue.

    And I don't remember you doing that or my ever feeling pressured, so I wouldn't worry about it.

  8. So the GitHub commits say that Gen II support is now included, but even after updating PKHeX to the latest commit with MonoDevelop it STILL says "unsupported file type" when I try to open my Crystal save file in it. Maybe I rushed it and Gen II support isn't complete yet, but the commit says "Full Gen II save editing" so I assumed it was ready.

    It *should* be ready. Send me your save file and I'll see about getting it supported?

    Probably it's a weird file size.

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