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  1. Is it possible to change your Trainer ID and Secret ID in Gen 4 and 5 with PokeGen? I can't find the place to modify it...
  2. Turns out I didn't save my file before I exported it. Please ignore me.
  3. I can't seem to get this working, though I have no clue if I'm using it correctly. I have a save game(made from Dolphin's Save State function), but whenever I use the "Convert to CGI" tool from the MemoryCardManager, it says "Imported file has sav extension but does not have a correct header". So instead, I used "Export CGI" function, it made a file called "01-GXXE-PokemonXD.gci. I loaded it into the SaveEditor, then I get the prompt "The second backup save slot was loaded because the other ones are corrupt" and then "All save slots are corrupt." Using Dolphin v5.0 Any idea how to get it
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