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  1. You don't need to reset your switch to do that mate. IN FACT, reseting would not help at all, AFAIK because installing your cfw on your sysnad will leave trace data that NIntendo can collect through telemetry. If you are going homebrew a switch you intend to take to use on online play than you need to make a emuMMC. For homebrewing your switch, making the emuMMC and other misc. things you may want to check this guide, which atm is the most up to date. The problem IMO would be if Nintendo would consider the modification of your pokemon save game a banable offence once you decide to sync with their online services in sysnand (After importing your emuMMC save to sysnand of course). There have been reports of modded or tampered saves eliciting bans, however again it seem your mileage may vary as Nintendo can be very random with their ban waves.
  2. Wait, didn't the Original color Magearna apeared on SM/USUM games? I think I remember there being a pokedex entry for them. Yeah I think I'll do that, though I will take a cautious approach given current global events. May sound a little alarmist and stuff but those online subscription really manage to add up sometimes. Maybe I will make the jump the next pokemon game, or near the time when Nintendo finally axes Bank.
  3. Whats the community consensus? Should I stick with PKHex as my pokemon bank or should I shell out the money and get Pokemon Home? Obviously PKHex offers a hell of a lot more storage, and the knowledge that the product of my OCD wont go up in smoke if I don't pay the bills on time. However I guess there is a thing to be said for cross transfer for future generations, and the guarantee that Nintendo consoles in the future may be as hackable as they have been is nonexistent. So whats your opinion?
  4. This is really usefull, but I agree with theSLAYER. Part of the reason pokemon is fun (aside from the competitive metagame) is finding all the pokes. Though I can understand filling up the pokedex can be a real pain sometimes.
  5. Reporting a High Plains Pattern Vivillion from Sonora, Mexico. Umm seeing as there are 2 Mexico related patterns I assume the sun pattern is for southern Mexico while northern Mexico gets the HP pattern.
  6. Hello! I'm Cloudy and I have been lurking around the site for quite some time now. So yeah, I have decided to join the forums, and I was wondering if there was anyway a normal guy like me could contribute in some way? PS: Does anybody know how to add a avatar picture. For the life of me I can't figure out how. :bidoof:
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