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  1. Alright. Thank you both for the information. It's been about a year since I really played Pokémon, let alone doing any save editing. Now I understand what was meant by that changelog entry. I'm not part of the Discord server. That explains why I didn't find it through a search engine. I may need to join the server if I want to stay informed and up to date. Thanks again! I guess this thread can be closed. I'm not sure who I would need to message to close it.
  2. Oh, okay. Thank you! Would share where you grabbed that quote? I didn't find it while trying to query the error in Google and DuckDuckGo.
  3. Hello, After updating to the latest PKHeX release from a version released about a year ago, I'm experiencing this legality error with some of the Pokémon I've edited that were not flagged by the old version. After a bit of playing around with the auto legality mod plugin when rerolling the PID, it seems that it is necessary to change the encounter to be an egg rather than keeping what I've edited wild. I do not understand what is causing this flag. It's been nearly a year since I've touched the save and I don't remember editing anything other than IVs, EVs, friendship, and shiny flag (though I didn't notice any shiny edits getting flagged). I've attached an image of the error message and one of the pk8 files flagged by the built-in legality checker. I'm pretty sure the other flagged files have the same issue, whatever it may be. Any help, education, and/or direction to education resources will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Mithrandir Edit: After playing around with unedited Pokémon, I found that rerolling either the PID or encryption constant or both triggers the legality flag and the auto legality mod plugin resolves those in the same manner, by changing the encounter from wild to egg. Editing IVs also does the same. Other encounters (static, egg, and event gift) do not seem to be affect. 831 - Wooloo - AC83373311A5.pk8
    The program functions very well. It is capable of editing most aspects of the save file that general users would like it to do (Pokémon, inventory, etc). PKHeX is very good for those wishing to pick up Wonder Cards they've missed or are unwilling to acquire legitimately. It's also capable of removing the "used" flag on Wonder Cards so one may claim the same Wonder Card multiple times. This is great for sharing those exclusive Pokémon with your friends. Occasionally errors occur, though I've yet to experience anything persistent. Much unlike my experience with Micro$oft's Movie Maker, which constantly crashes. Overall, PKHeX is great tool for those wishing to edit their save files, regardless of one's reasons or justifications for doing so.
  4. FC: 5043-1830-9926 Mii Name: Big Red Trainer Name: Cameron Please PM me when you add me. I have no idea what Pokémon I offer. It would be appreciated if you would PM the Pokémon that I offer so that I may edit this post. Edit: My safari type is Poison with Ariados, Kakuna, and Muk.
  5. My adventure with Froakie began on October 16. Recently, I took some time from the narrative to look for some Old Amber. I ended up finding five of them. One of the Aerodactyl revived was female. Also, I just beat the sixth gym with over ninety hours of play time. So far I've recorded data on 195 Pokémon in my Pokédex. Slowly but surely I am progressing through the narrative.
  6. This is great news. I wonder what new secrets will be revealed.
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