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  1. I have to start it from the .zip directly, then it works. It is a common issue: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/589
  2. Hi, I get the following error when trying to start PkHex:
  3. "IF USING HANS AND *HAX 2.5 (HOMEBREW) ON A <10.2 CONSOLE (NO GATEWAY)" Does this method also work with a .cia files of (U) OR/AS? or only with the retail cartridge/e-Shop Thing? Thanks
  4. Thanks. Well, thats strange then because my SYSNAND is something like 6.x And still the game says "Error has occured - restart ... and so on" when i try to load the Game (GW Mode of course) Do you have any possible soluitons for this problem? I use a EUR Alpha Sapphire ROM and decrypted/patched/rebuilt it according to the Guide Asia made Thanks
  5. Doesn't this work if i have EMUNAND FW Version over 9.3?? Or is just the SYSNAD Version meant with "9.2 or lower"?
  6. Thank you very much for your kind answer! 1. Is there a reason i should downgrade to 4.x from 6.x? Or should i just keep it @ 6.x? 2. I ordered from playmods co uk with Express Shipping. Hope it arrives this weak Thanks anyway. 3. That's what i wanted to hear! Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am new and i hope this is the right forum for this. I want to order a Gateway 3DS Ultra to play Neo X/Y and Rutile Rubin/Star Sapphire on my 3DS - My 3DS is Ver. 6.1.0.-10E. Só this should work since it is below 9.2? - For German People: Do you know where i can buy the cart in germany/austria from a decent/reliable shop? - Can i edit saves or cheat on the edited roms with PK3ds? Sorry i am totally new i do not know anything about 3DS hacking. I am fine with the old games (supercard dstwo) but i do not know anything about that. Is there a newbie guide if you do not want to answer my questions? Thank you very much!! PR3D4TOR
  8. Thank you. I am playing all my GBA/NDS Roms on the 3DS XL with the Supercard DSTWO
  9. Hm. I can not edit 64kb files. Only 128kb. "This file size is invalid"
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