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  1. There is a person called (removed) who is selling modified 3ds and is doing a send in service with PKHex installed on the 3ds. I put a link to this person's website. So there has to be a way to install PKHex onto 3ds. Anyone know how? I would love to put it on my 3ds. I'm also interested in installing PKMN-NTR, pokeCalcNTR, and Cheat Engines. | mod warning: don't try to add back the link again; no need to redirect user to that site, when our PKHeX on 3DS is impossible atm |
  2. Where can I buy the needed GB USB smart card? I live in the USA. Where Can I find a reputable seller?
  3. Hi, I need the batteries replaced in all my games. What is the easiest way to save my games to my computer. I'd also like to play around with adding Pokemon. Can someone give me a list of needed equipment, programs, and how to instructions? Thanks
  4. I have another problem. I tried to backup my games again and I cant connect to smallftp. I haven't changed any settings since the last time I used it. I'm completely stumped.
  5. Ok, so I loaded the older version in but it's still not working. I'm getting the message: FTP connecting to AP Small ftpd 1.0.3 is up and running. It's configured. My ds lite won't auto detect my linksys wifi. So, I did a manual set up and tested the connection and it worked. I even was able to send pokemon to my sister's game with pokegen. But I can't connect to AP to save pokemon Diamond. There has to be a solution to what is wrong. I finally figured it out. I didn't broadcast my Internet. I now have all my games backed up.
  6. I need help. I have setup save game manger 3.0 and it runs without any problems. I setup smallftp and configured it into the .ini. I put pokemon Pearl into my DSlite and configured the wifi setting and it connects without any problems. I'm using a r4i3ds gold. I run the app, pull out the cart, insert game, and it says something about connecting to Internet and to please wait. It never connects. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Ok, I'm at a complete loss. This is what I bought to work on my sister's and my GB. R4i 3ds from dscart.com 16 GBA Sandisk Ultra micro I followed this tutorial with the only difference being I called the new folder Apps and copied the GBA backup tool nds file into it. I insert the r4i and turn on the GB. I selected slot 1 and the screen goes black and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  8. I've read both of those links and they don't make any sense to me. What is home brew? What is EZ flash 3 in 1? GB has wifi? What is action replay? How exactly do you use a DSTWO? The extent of my knowledge is putting the game in the slot, turn on GB, and playing the game.
  9. Ok, have just learned that there is a way to backup my pokemon games. So I'm very new and everything explained in toddler terms. I have a DS lite. Games: R/S/E FR/LG PLAT/DIA W/B W2/B2 My goals: Import some pokemon without losing them from the current game. Give (trade) pokemon to my sister while still keeping them for myself. I have heard that DSTWO flashcard is the best but haven't purchased one yet. And instructions on how to use this to backup games. I've tried to understand some of the posts and information here and it's over my head. Please help. What do I need to purchase and how exactly do I use it.
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