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  1. The Lugia/scrapped Pokemon theory is similar to the "PokeGod" theory, that they are second generation Pokemon but both are untrue. MissonNo., M, LM4 and all other glitch Pokemon are legitimately just that, glitches, similar to the Mew glitch except using a hexadecimal that didn't exist in the first generation. Their, appearances, movesets and evolutions are a jumbled mess of existing Pokemon data. Also consider the fact that glitch Pokemon are harmful to your game. My best friend once told me that another friend of hers lost his Charizard when he captured MissingNo, it just vanished. I've heard that it can also prevent link cable battles and kill your save battery.
  2. Fascinating. I had no idea that it was even possible to offer event Pokemon for the first generation or to back up GBC cartridge files. How I would have loved to have been more informed and had access to this ability before my Silver died. 1999 was a year before I obtained my first game which was Yellow though I'm quite happy using the Mew glitch. I wish it hadn't taken me several more years to become aware of it.
  3. Actually, I believe it is accurate to assess that the trainer in Yellow is Ash because Yellow was designed to resemble Ash's journey in the anime, hence the slight alterations from RB and if memory serves Yellow preceeded RB. I must confess I don't know what catch rate means nor do I know the circumstances under which the Yellow Pikachu will no longer follow the trainer apart from the obvious one which is if it's evolved after being traded. I've got a minute fragment of a memory of once exchanging Yellow Pikachu with my best friend to see if each other's would follow our trainers but to no avail though after that, if it's a legitimate memory and using Zapper (my Yellow Pikachu's crappy name) in both Stadiums, she followed me up until I restarted the game, that much I know. I hadn't included her in my mass trade to Silver on the grounds of keeping her as a walking compainion.
  4. Just so you know, a shiny parent doesn't really increase the chances of hatching a shiny offspring, using foreign Pokemon (either one with a native or two different foriegns) which is known as the Masuda method is the answer to that. As for this misfortune, I've got no theories as to how the daycare removed the shiny status from a legit except you'd been hit by an unfortunate glitch. Recently, I myself hatched a shiny Snivy using a Shiny Surpirior (and a Japanese Ditto) and it retained it's shininess when returned to me. Though I suppose that it's level 100 so not updatable could be a considerable factor.
  5. Hey, I'm a returning oldie myself. Welcome. Friend Code: 4184-2808-4738
  6. I'd like a username change to AbandonLonliness (Lonliness is spelled incorrectly intentionally, it's based on the creepypasta) or if it's not available, ImNotACurse. Thanx.
  7. Uh...wow. You traded your version's legendary for an Alakazam? Sounds like as someone else suggested that this pokemon was taken to the move deleter and ridded of every move it had but teleport. It doesn't learn too much up to level 26 anyway and Alakazam still learns. At this point it needs only two more levels for psybeam. http://serebii.net/pokedex-xy/065.shtml
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