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  1. Hi guys, I own myself a Retrode 2 but unfortunately, the GBX plugin was not available anymore. Since more than a week ago, they are back in stock and I have ordered and received one unit. Result is great ! I tested on Win 7, everything is plug and play. The cartridge content appears as an ordinary mass drive. I can just copy the rom and sav to my computer. I tried to edit the save with Pikasav. I worked. I just had to select "forced sav". Hope this might be interesting for some of you. https://www.dragonbox.de/en/71-retrode-2-retrode-4260416650091.html
  2. Ha yes I know pickup but did not know it allows you to find that TM ! However I saw it's also available against Battle Points. Yesterday I got old amber and soft resetted till I have a Jolly Aerodactyl. I'll also train it. I've also spend some time to get Power Item to increase Sp Att. So I can easily start EV train my Gastly.
  3. Indeed, a Choice item might be considered. But look, I'm facing one Pokemon and triggers a move. The guy then directly changes to e.g a Psy. Then I'm stucked with first move and cannot use the U-turn against him. So still need to think. Another I'll think about is Omastar. Just got some Helix fossils. :-) You mean when you reach level 100 you get some TM ? Indeed, I'm from Europe. Belgium to be exact.
  4. I did not know this ability. So indeed it's dangerous. Also for him if he faces one having a capacity like Fissure, ... Indeed Energy Ball seems so great because of power, accuracy, STAB and the fact it's a special attack. So I think I've my moveset defined for Exeggutor. Sleeping Powder Leech Seed Psyko Energy Ball / Leafstorm Thanks for those advises. ;-)
  5. Hi, Thanks a lot for the time you took to answer. First, I want to come back on : Dynamicpunch is only 50% accurate. How do you make it 100% ? For sure one of my friend will use Scizor and at least another one will use Steelix. That' sur why for my Snorlax I wanted Fire Punch. Also to address Heracross which might be sent against my Snorlax. For my Primeape, I planned to give him : Expert Belt U-turn (to escape from Psy's and still inflicting damages) Ice Punch (for birds) Close combat : power, accuracy, STAB Earthquake (if not alteady used) / tunnel For my Exeggutor, I was think
  6. About Articuno, indeed if I use it, it'd be for late game only. Some of my friends have pretty good level, other mediocre. Myself, I'm learning about competitive play. So I read a lot. The thing is that I'd like to try to win with Pokemon I like the most. Hence Ditto. The good thing is that mine has the item which doubles its speed. But my main plan (in that case it's more in 6vs6 battles) would be to use it just after a strong battle where my Pokemon just fainted and the opponent is still there with low HP and preferably a status change. This would be the use case if I use it. I did not
  7. Many thanks for this detailed answer. As said, I plan to use this Snorlax as a Sp. absorber. Sleep Talk, I hesitated but I don't like the fact it'll miss 1/3 of the time or 2/3 against ghosts. Recycle would be used only in case of necessity. I hope to not have to rest more than 1 time. But what I like with Recycle, Rest and Chesto is that my opponents might use a lot of PP of their powerful attacks. Imagine then if Snorlax could have the "Pressure" ability. :-) Also, it'd be too nice for a Gengar with Dream Eater to face a sleeping Snorlax. Indeed I'm vulnerable against something like Rh
  8. Hi, I just have caught Snorlax. It has Sassy nature which decreases speed and increases Sp. Def. I want to use it to play against my friends. I'm thinking of this moveset : - Rest - Body slam - Crunch or Fire Punch - Recycle Item would be Chesto Berry. EV HP : 140 EV Sp Def : 252 EV Att : 116 Rest + Chesto + Recycle = no comment needed Body Slam : high accuracy, STAB, 30% chance paralysis Between Fire Punch and Crunch, it's hard to decide. As I want to make it a Sp Sponge, Crunch would be ideal for Sp sweepers like Gengar or Alakazam. But this Snorlax would be weak against Stee
  9. Hi, I restarted playing HeartGold. Bad habit from Gen 1 and 2, I named myself in the game GOLD with caps and my rival SILVER with caps. I know it's possible to rename the hero's name using PokeGen as well as DO name of all the beasts I caught. I would like to keep those names but with only the first letter as cap. My first question is : Is it also possible to rename rival caracter ? Second question : If I change OT Name of all the Pokemons I got, would their curent PID still be valid ? E.g. nature has impact on PID. I guess OT Name doesn't since PokeGen let you edit this field but I want
  10. Hi, Yellow was released after R/B. I'll try to find some time next week to do the test on my Yellow and Red games.
  11. Hi, Try to export save before editing it in PokeGen. Then use the import feature. It shall do the trick. Make sure save type is set on "auto".
  12. I don't know if I'll invest myself in newer gen's. For now I'm playing Heartgold and I'm finishing to make my team level 50 to beat E4 and reach Kanto. In the meantime I'm already preparing my team I'll use to battle my friends. I'm relunctant to start Moon / Sun because it would mean invest on a 3DS. I'll see by the time if 3DS prices are decreasing. Also I'd go for a 2DS but the fact we can't close it stops me from buying it. Q? : is the 3DS zone free ? If so, I might buy one when I go to Australia in few months. I think I'll rather play Leafgreen.
  13. I'll do the test for red / blue - yellow. I did not know that in Yellow they anticipated GSC games. Thanks for the info. I saw something similar about Mew's fix IV to prevent its Shinyness when transferred to GSC but I was sceptical.
  14. I had the exact same feeling. However, my favorite gen is the first. Probably just because it's the first I played (blue cartridge). After 2nd Gen, I stopped playing Pokémon. And restarted few weeks ago with some friends on Heartgold / Soulsilver.
  15. In the meantime, I found a Timid Gastly with IV AttS 27, IV Speed 30 and all others 20+. It's cool to have an Abra with Sync. :-)
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