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  1. Hello. I was wondering if someone could make me a code to have the following Event Pokemon in my Party in my Japanese White version: -Japanese Wi-Fi Zoroark -Jolly Japanese Movie Victini -Timid Japanese Movie Celebi (w/flag for the Zorua Event) -Japanese Crown Suicune (w/flag for Zoroark Event) -Japanese Crown Entei (w/flag for Zoroark Event) -Japanese Crown Raikou (w/flag for Zoroark Event) Also I would like a code to have a Dream World Sunkern w/Earth Power in Box 1 Slot 1
  2. The all TMs/HMs codes screws up on my real White. After TM 92, there's another TM 91 and 92 and where Tm's 93-95 and the HMs should be are blank, invisible items. I didn't input it wrong.
  3. The Heart Scale Codes didn't work for me, either. I had to edit the Pokmon Modifier code to give me 649 Heart Scales instead of Master Balls in order to get what I needed. All I did was change "01" to "5D" btw, what is the HEX for 999? with it, i could essentially change the Pokemon Modifier code into a slot 1 and slot 2 item modifier code with the added bonus of being able to catch any Pokemon. Most of my HEX dabbling has been with GB/GBC, So I know little about values over FF
  4. How can I get these codes to work in the cartridge version of White? I have the firmware patch, but many of the codes won't work. The ones I want to work are these: -Max Happiness (mark Pokemon) -Max HP IV (Mark Pokemon) -Max Attack IV (Mark Pokemon) -Max Defense IV (Mark Pokemon) -Max Speed IV (Mark Pokemon) -Max Special Attack IV (Mark Pokemon) -Max Special Defense IV (Mark Pokemon) -Clone Pokemon (Hold L while Switching) OR Clone PC Pokemon (Hold Select) -Walk Through Walls (L+A Enable, L+B Disable) -Liberty Ticket at Huin City Pokemon Center(Select) -999 Heart Scales in Pack ALL of these codes DO NOT work on my Catridge Version of White. Most other codes do, however.
  5. The IV and Max Happiness Marking codes don't work on my cartridge version of White. The EV one works, though. I checked and double checked and even triple checked and I didn't put them in my AR wrong. None of the cloning codes work, either. I'm guessing that those codes were tailor-made for emulators and not the real thing? Also, I would like a code that give 999 of any item that's in the first slot of my inventory(most importantly Heart Scales and Evolution-based items).
  6. Both the US and UK versions have a broken link for the firmware update now. It could be just my stupid computer, though. Can someone please PM me the firmware update file?
  7. Does anyone have EV and IV Modifying Codes for the Japanese versions of HeartGold and SoulSilver? I got some level 100 Pokemon that have some messed-up EVs and Horrible IVs that I don't want to replace with another Pokemon, even if it's an individual of the same species I mean manipulating values between 00-FF(0-255) for EVs and 00-1F(0-31) for IVs, not just Max values.
  8. Is there any code to unlock all the Pokewalker courses? I missed the Champion's Path Event because my Wi-Fi wasn't working right D:
  9. Can you please list the Values for all the other songs? Also, Can someone PLEASE make a Max BP Code? Many people, including myself, have asked for one, but get ignored. Why?
  10. Can you make me a Code that has ALL of the Pokeballs? Master Ball Ultra Ball Great Ball Poke Ball Fast Ball Friend Ball Heavy Ball Level Ball Love Ball Lure Ball Moon Ball Dive Ball Luxury Ball Nest Ball Net Ball Premier Ball Repeat Ball Timer Ball Dusk Ball Heal Ball Quick Ball Safari Ball Compe Ball Cherish Ball Park Ball
  11. I'm not very tech-savy. I prefer someone else making the codes so I don't mess up Unlike most people, I'm using real copies of HeartGold and SoulSilver that I got in the mail earilier this week. I'm being cautious with them >.>;
  12. I don't really want to download Pokesav. I just want a code to have all the Pokeballs, including the Apricorn ones..
  13. I tried this, and I didn't get the Apricorn Balls You know. Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, ect.
  14. Is there a code for having max Battle Points? I want to use the Move Tutors instantaniously.
  15. I want to be able to run into Carnivine in the wild without fail in the great marsh on my Japanese Platinum. It's too tedious looking through the telescope again and again.
  16. Hello Hello, I am Dunsparce. I've been a fan of Pokemon since Red and Blue's US release in 1998 and part the online Pokemon fanbase since 2003, having joined many sites including, but not limted to, Serebii, Pokecommunity, and Smogon. I hope that I will have a wonderful time on this site for years to come.
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