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  1. Pokemon transfer fine from the Dream Radar, but items don't. Instead of the evolutionary stones and rare candies I tried to acquire, I got 355 Root Fossils and 489 Master Balls!
  2. I thought Memory Link was a feature that was only in BW2? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Memory_Link
  3. Must just be 2.8d that does that then. I grabbed a debug version of the emulator and that actually has a function in the options to switch it to RAW without manual editing of the .ini file.
  4. That doesn't work any more. The emulator automatically changes it back to Compressed (good/lz) when booted.
  5. Weekly Famitsu is giving access to Pansear with the ability Blaze and the move Heat Wave. Password is もうかねっぷう and closing date is January 31st. It is, if it wasn't obvious from the password, only available by normal means in Japan.
  6. Aw bugger, they've been hacked! Which means I can't post the link I found the other day with a fully working wifi enabled version of DesMuME (it works to the point that Nintendo thinks I'm using a real DS!)
  7. That's simple. Right click on a Pokemon. There's a delete option. Do it for any mons you wish to kill. You don't need Pokegen to do that though, as you can just release them in game.
  8. There's a version of Desmume with wifi enabled (I found it on the GBAtemp forum). Use Game Sync on both Black/White and Black2/White2, then use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (there's an option for that under Unova Link) to connect them. That'll synchronise your save files giving you access to Memory Link. Pokegen isn't needed.
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