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  1. The program stops responding when using it with Black/White 2. Works fine with the originals, it's not just the Sparkling Sea that causes crashes anymore. I went to the Sky and I got the same results. I also tried different browser cookies with the same result of program termination.
  2. Ah, it is there, must have skipped over it. i'm just derping, ignore those questions. How much progress have you made on pokerus?
  3. Not really a idea, but a question... Will Dream Radar be included in that list of locations? Also, there are multiple strains of Pokerus, are there any plans to be able to select which one is on a Pokemon? Also I don't know if this is a problem with the code, or what, but earlier I gave a Gengar the ability Levitate, but it was affected by Earthquake. (Levitate should give it immunity to that move). The game did register Gengar as having the ability, so I don't know why or how that happened. I can provide the PKM file if you need.
  4. Dele

    Therian Forms

    you can trade for one from someone with a 3ds, although i doubt someone will, because it takes a lot of work to get it. as far as i know, there is no AR code for it, but you might be able to pokegen it. idk if that will activate the event though...
  5. Garchomp|Adamant|Rough Skin - Fire Fang, Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Shadow Claw Blaziken|Jolly|Speed Boost - Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Shadow Claw Alakazam|Timid|Magic Guard - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Focus Blast The remaining 3 slots, I'm thinking of a Grass, Electric, Steel or Dark type, but I can't decide which. I know the team is Uber/Overused already, but I don't really care about tiers. I don't like legendaries.
  6. You should be using your IPv4 Adress. If the port check tool timed out, the ports might be blocked after all. Also, deleting other connection settings is usually the easiest fix!
  7. are you sure you sent it to the correct GTS? your DS internet settings should have the DNS to manual, and you need to enter your IP address, which you can find at findmyip. you should also make sure your ports are open via your router, or ISP, ports 80 and 53. make sure you have only 1 internet connection setting saved.
  8. im not so sure about the 3ds vs dsi options, because i just adjusted my 3ds optuions and everything works fine. but then agaiin, i am using external ip as DNS, so that may have a hand in it.
  9. i can use shiny 2 to send Pokemon to black 2, but i cant use it to receive Pokemon from black 2
  10. I see the GTS system tab, does that mean this program will eventually be able to distribute pokemon that are legal?
  11. ok, i ran this once, got an error, but silly me didnt save the error info, and now the app wont open. when i double click it, it shows up in processes, but i dont see anything open on the desktop. how do i solve this problem?
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