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  1. Pokémon X and Y: PKX Contribution

    All pokemon were obtained ingame, the Pikachu was obtained with PokeRadar chain, Magikarp with Consecutive Fishing, all pokemon are unmodified... It will be difficult to obtain pkx files with current patch encryption... good luck finding some on the internet
  2. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    I got a pkx of a shiny Alakazam that has 11 as the result, so the (id^sid^s1^s2) % 2 == 0 cannot be part of the formula
  3. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    Are you sure it has 4 at offset 0x15? do you have the pkx file to check it out since all my HA pokemon have the value of 4 and all other have between 1 and 2 About shiny threshold, it would be needed a shiny pokemon with 15 as the result of XORing the data, and one with 16 to demostrate it...
  4. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    I got a shiny pkx with the formula equal to 12 it is possible that the formula is (id^sid^s1^s2)< 16 but I'm not sure of it... Also found out how ability number (offset 0x15) works, seems it works through bits, bit 0 indicates the pkx has the ability 0 of its species, bit 1 is ability 1 and bit 2 is for Hidden Ability (values are 1 (0), 2 (1) and 4 (HA))
  5. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    Found out how a pkx is shiny, it uses offset 0x18-0x1B (I'm not sure how the game generates it but acts as a unsigned integer for shiny check), ID and SID Like the PID in Gen 5, divide this seed into 16 bit parts, let s1 be the upper part and s2 the lower part If (id^sid^s1^s2)<16 then the pokemon is shiny
  6. Pokémon X and Y: PKX Contribution

    I would like to contribute my pkx files, I have only extracted these pkx files... however some of them have hidden ability and two of them are shiny so it could help with research :smile: PKX
  7. Pkx: The New Pokemon Format For Gen 6

    Obtained Mega stones IDs, they are between Mulchs and the new berries
  8. PWT Download Tournaments

    You can put 255 in all stats EV's, however I'm not sure if the game will limit them to 510 EV's... Also Hack editor is only for the pkm editor
  9. PWT Download Tournaments

    Thanks a lot, I didn't have the offsets for difficulty, I have checked more PWT files to check out this and these are the offsets for AI I have updated Pikaedit's DTE and the standalone version of DTE with AI difficulty editor on the trainer tab
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