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  1. why not just replace your save game file with the correct id and secrete id?
  2. anyways i found a / Colosseum PIDIV Legality Checker: http://hack.thundaga.com/doc.html and it spat me out a pid. Am i allowed to ask if this pid will be legal? Also i am only allowed to ask if a pokemon is legit, but not ask why it is not legal if it illegal, right?
  3. i don't intend on playing online or at vgc, i want to bring it over to x and y to play with friends. Knowing nintendo, they are going to change pokemon bank legitimacy checker for north american's so i can't bring over hacked pokemon!
  4. i see, are you just assuming it is illegal or do you know what is illegal about the pid?
  5. are you sure, why can't kangaskhan have scrappy ability from orre. on a side note i fixed it up, fixed the ability so it matches with the pid. so here is the new pokemon: https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=7767645 . is it legal now?
  6. can someone confirm the legitimacy of this pokemon? https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=7766798 It would mean a lot to me!
  7. Just out of curiosity, can the event move "happy hour" be passed down to offspring?
  8. You can do that? If I recall from gen 5, a pokemon will be iligeal if the met date was set before the relase of the game!
  9. is this legal, the met date is set before the release of the game? I am so confused!
  10. Hey all, so now Japan has pokemon bank for almost a day now in japan. I was wondering if anyone could mention the kinds of checks pokemon bank has and what happens if they catch you with an iligeal pokemon. Also if a pokemon is deemed legit by pokecheck.org will it be compatible with pokemon bank.~ Happy Holidays
  11. Does adding an item to a pokemon change the checksum?
  12. Add me!!! (let me know you added me so i could add you back) Friend code: 3282-2715-2932
  13. here for some odd reason i cant make it full screen 23815302..bmp
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