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  1. Download an older version (1.7.0) or wait for the next version, which fixes that problem.
  2. I believe EV investment is by using binary. Convert binary to hex with this. 000000 means no investment in anything, where 111111 means investment in everything (Note that EV's will still have their 510 limit, so giving it 111111 means it will have 85 EV's in everything.) Basically 0-0-0-0-0-0 is HP-Atk-Def-Speed-Spdef-Spatk. So for Sp. Atk and Speed, it would be... 0-0-0-1-0-1. Which is 101, which is 05.
  3. Remember: The data begins with the species. So what you have is: DC 00 00 00 03 00 B5 01 BC 00 59 00 4F 00 11 0F D6 00 00 00 06 00 7E 00 The part in red is what you want to leave out. That's data from previous/next Pokemon. Then you'll get: 03 00 B5 01 BC 00 59 00 4F 00 11 0F D6 00 00 00 Ta-daa! That's exactly one Pokemon. 03 00 = Venusaur B5 01 = Leaf Storm BC 00 = Sludge Bomb 59 00 = Earthquake 4F 00 = Sleep Powder 11 = EV's in Atk + Sp. Atk 0F = Modest nature D6 00 = White Herb Does it make sense? :tongue:
  4. If I'm correct, the PWT data is the same structure as the Pt/HGSS Battle Frontier. I got a tutorial on how to edit that here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?26279-Tutorial-Editing-Battle-Frontier-Tower-Pokemon The second post also has a small tool for editing the files. It's a really unstable one, but I hope it helps you. (It also only supports Pokemon/items up to gen IV.) Just to be clear: This is for editing the individual Pokemon. You need to extract the Pokemon file, edit it with the tool or hex, save it, and reinsert it in the narc.
  5. This seems like a very serious corruption problem. I think you should load your last backup. If you haven't made a backup in a long while, or none, then I don't know how to fix it...but ask many great Romhackers, you should always backup your rom (Off-topic...nice to see Chandelure and Lucario in there ;p)
  6. Ethan's Mugshot is in file a/1/0/9. You want to edit file 209.recn I suggest you do so with Tinke, as you can simply export/import .png files.
  7. If you'd like to modify the TMs in hex, you have to edit them in the arm9.bin file. I can't exactly remember the location, but if you search for D4 01 51 01 60 01 in the arm9 file, you'll probably find it. D4 01 is Hone Claws. (You need to flip the hex data; D4 01 becomes 1D4. Then you need to convert that to decimal, which is 468 (I use this to convert. Check this list to see the move numbers.) So D4 01 = 1D4 = move 468 = Hone Claws = TM01 51 01 = 151 = move 337 = Dragon Claw = TM02 60 01 = 160 = move 352 = Water Pulse = TM03 Remember that you need to edit TM compatibility afterwards.
  8. Try searching for a hack called Pokémon Apollo.
  9. Here's how you use flags.... Scr_1 Lockall Faceplayer Checkflag 890 //This number must be altered for other events. It checks if a flag has been set. CheckLR 1 func_1 //If the flag has been set, go to func_1 <YOUR SCRIPT> Setflag 890 Releaseall End func_1 Message 2 //Display a message like "We already battled before" Waitbutton CloseMsgOnKeyPress Releaseall End Also, when using this command... make sure func_2 contains...
  10. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hey it's dat guy, I was stalking the old PPRE threads for messing around with older betas and I saw your post, so hey!~DG</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  11. Thank you for posting that page, but sadly it doesn't list what I'm looking for. Perhaps I formulated my question wrongly. I'm looking for the ram values that give the X and Y positions. while true do gui.text(0,0, string.format("X: %d, Y: %d", memory.readword(0x0XXXXXXX,2), memory.readword(0x0XXXXXXX,2))) emu.frameadvance() end I'd like to get this script working for Platinum, but I don't have the correct values. I'm sure somebody has them. If it could be posted in this thread, I'd be grateful.
  12. Sorry to bump, but I was wondering if somebody has the position values for Pokemon Platinum? I can find Diamond/Pearl/HG/SS's, but strangely not Platinums. Thanks in advance.
  13. The starters will just evolve without the national pokedex...that's only a problem in gen III. But if you really want to add the national dex, you should do so by script editing.
  14. PCR - Pokemon Rom Changer. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?17426-Pokemon-ROM-Changer Pretty much an all-in-one editor.
  15. When I was trying to create some tools in C# (which I suck in) I made a small one to make this a bit easier. Please note that this is incredibly unstable as this was my first tool I made. Instructions are in the download, but it's really easy to use, so I don't think that'll be needed. Frontier Editor..zip
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